Analytical Modelling of Coupled Vibrations of Elastically Supported Channels

An exact analytical method is presented for the analysis of forced vibrations of uniform thickness, open-section channels which are elastically supported at their ends. The centroids and the shear centers of the channel cross-sections do not coincide; hence the flexural and the torsional vibrations are coupled. Ends of the channels are constrained with springs which provide finite transverse, rotational and torsional stiffnesses. During the analysis, excitation is taken in the form of a point harmonic force and the channels are assumed to be of type Euler-Bernoulli beam with St.Venant torsion and torsional warping stiffness. The study uses the wave propagation approach in constructing the analytical model. Both uncoupled and double coupling analyses are performed. Various response and mode shape curves are presented.
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Y. Yaman, “Analytical Modelling of Coupled Vibrations of Elastically Supported Channels,” presented at the 6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics (8 - 11 Eylül 1997), Southampton, England, 1997, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: