Residential transformation leading to gentrification : cases from İstanbul

Many cities in Turkey are facing the problems of a “transforming” city instead of a “growing” city since the 1980s. Planners and policy-makers are dealing with the impact of changes in residential areas. In Istanbul, gentrification has been a significant type of transformation since the late 1980s, leading to notable residential divisions based on socioeconomic status. Urban redevelopment projects, on the other hand, have been important tools for controlling the transformation of residential areas, especially in squatter neighborhoods. The aim of this chapter is to demonstrate how different residential transformation processes resulted in gentrification in Istanbul. These examples provide insight into how a process, observed mostly in advanced capitalist countries, takes place in peripheral capitalist countries. In this chapter, a brief summary of residential development in Turkey is given, followed by a brief introduction to Istanbul with background information about its urban development. Four case studies are then discussed in detail, and a comparative evaluation is made.
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C. N. Uzun, Residential transformation leading to gentrification : cases from İstanbul. 2020, p. 243.