A novel phase-averaging method based on vortical structure correlation

Vanierschot, Maarten
Perçin, Mustafa
Van Oudheusden, Bas W.
In this paper we investigate a new method for phase averaging based on the correlation of vortical structures in a ow eld. The method requires the presence of a large scale precessing structure in the ow, such as for instance the precessing vortex core found in swirling ows. The transformation from time to phase is done by correlation of the instantaneous Q elds to determine the phase shift between two instants of the precession. Once the phase shift is determined, the dierent owelds are rotated back to the zero phase reference and the data are ensemble averaged. The method is tested on tomographic PIV measurements of an annular jet ow and it is shown that it is able to extrude the large scale structures found in turbulent swirling jet flows.
Citation Formats
M. Vanierschot, M. Perçin, and B. W. Van Oudheusden, “A novel phase-averaging method based on vortical structure correlation,” presented at the International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Optical Flow Diagnostics (25 - 26 Ekim 2016), Delft, Netherlands, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/72487.