Data warehousing and big data applications in mining industry

Due to the increased costs and production pressure in the mining sector, mine management and planning becomes more dependent on data. The amount of operational data increases as a result of data gathering and data sharing technologies being available on mining equipment. Reliable collection, cleaning, integration and reporting of data is essential to ensure that the data generated by different data sources such as production, maintenance, and cost are used effectively in decision-making and management. Data warehousing is a technology developed for the query, analysis, and reporting of historical or real-time data and is utilized in modern mines both in mining operations and mineral processing plants. The continuous increase in the amount, speed, and complexity of generated data creates the suitable environment for big data applications in the mining industry. Besides technological investment, another factor required for the effective use of data is to change the management perspective and to reshape business culture with the aim of decision-making based on data. Integrated data related to mining is required to manage the mine based on key performance criteria definitions and to conduct performance evaluations of employees based on data. This paper introduces the basic data types available in mining and introduces the technology related to data warehousing and big data applications in modern mines.
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