Effect of Hf and Nb alloying elements additions on Microstructure and Hardness of FeAl-based Alloys



Effect of X=Hf and Zr alloying addition on the Microstructures of B2-type ordered Fe0.5(Al1-nXn)0.5 Intermetallics Alloys
Yıldırım, Mehmet; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mekhrabov, Amdulla (null; 2011-10-05)
Effect of fillers on thermal and mechanical properties of polyurethane elastomer
Benli, S; Yilmazer, U; Pekel, F; Özkar, Saim (Wiley, 1998-05-16)
The effects of five different types of fillers on the thermal and mechanical properties of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene-based polyurethane elastomers were explored to develop a filled polyurethane elastomeric Liner for rocket motors with hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene-based composite propellants. Two types of carbon black, silica, aluminum oxide, and zirconium(III)oxide were used as filler. Based on the improvement in the tensile properties and the erosion resistance achieved in the first part of th...
Effect of Ta Addition on Structural and Room Temperature Mechanical Properties of B2 Type Ordered FeAl Intermetallics
Yıldırım, Mehmet; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mehrabov, Amdulla (2016-10-01)
Effect of carbon and boron additions on pressureless sintering of silicon carbide
Yağcı, Cumhur; Öztürk, Abdullah; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1993)
Effect of aromatic boronic acids on thermal characteristics of polybenzoxazine derivatives and composites
İpek, Halil; Hacaloğlu, Jale; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2019)
Polybenzoxazines, a class of phenolics offering excellent mechanical and physical properties, have been developed to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional phenolic resins. These materials possess low water absorption, low melt viscosity, near-zero shrinkage upon curing and releasing no by-products. In addition, molecular design flexibility of benzoxazine monomers gives opportunity to adjust the properties of the polybenzoxazines according to the application area making them advantageous for various i...
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