Hidden Privatization and Stratification of Education

Taneri, Pervin Oya
Akgündüz, Mehmet Mahsum


Hidden positivities within the urban planning education inthe neoliberal era the case of METU Department of City and Regional Planning
Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak (null; 2016-07-08)
Unconventional monetary policy and financialization of commodities
Ordu-Akkaya, Beyza Mina; Soytaş, Uğur (Elsevier BV, 2020-01-01)
Our paper has two stages of analysis. First of all, we examine whether volatility spillover between US equity and commodity markets has significantly changed with the heavy influx of index traders in commodity derivatives markets, which is a phenomenon referred to as financialization. Given that previous findings show institutional traders enter into commodity markets at high liquidity episodepbs, in the second stage of our analysis, we investigate the particular impact of US quantitative easing policy on s...
Failed state discourse as an instrument of the US foreign policy in the post cold war era
Gülseven, Yahya; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2005)
This thesis focuses on the use of the term ءfailed state̕ as a category in the US foreign policy discourse in the post Cold War era. The concept of ءfailed state̕ is critically examined in terms of its methodological and ontological flaws. It is suggested that the primary methodological flaw of the failed state discourse is its atomistic and essentialist approach which describes ءstate failure̕ as an internal problem which needs external solutions. By rejecting the internal/external dichotomy, the dialectic...
Changing inclusivity of an urban park in the ambivalent historic urbanscape of Ankara
Memlük, Nihan Oya; Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge (2012-12-07)
Missing links in poverty analysis in the age of neoliberal globalization: Some lessons from Turkey
Şenses, Fikret (2008-03-01)
The main objective of this essay is to point out the missing links between neoliberalism on the one hand, and a comprehensive analysis of poverty and effective policies to tackle it, on the other. After identifying the main channels through which neoliberalism affects poverty, I will draw attention to the inadequacy of the neoliberal approach in coming to terms with the main reasons behind poverty, as well as in developing a comprehensive and effective mechanism for its alleviation. I emphasize the role of ...
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P. O. Taneri and M. M. Akgündüz, “Hidden Privatization and Stratification of Education,” 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/73231.