Structuring the Surface of Thin Si Solar Cell for Efficient Light Trapping



Structuring of surface for light management in monocrystalline Si solar cells
Bilgen, Sedat; Turan, Raşit; Department of Physics (2015)
Texturing of a silicon wafer is the first process of production of screen printed solar cells to reduce the reflection losses by producing pyramids on the surface of the silicon wafer. Being a cheap and time efficient process, texturing is used in all industrial applications. For mono-crystalline silicon wafers, the process is carried out by using an alkaline solution which consists of potassium hydroxide (KOH), isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and de-ionized water (DI-water) which is heated to 75- 80oC, and wafers ...
Hysteretic behavior of reinforced concrete beam and epoxy-repaining process.
Çelebi, Nuri Mehmet; Avcı, B.; Talı, D.; Department of Civil Engineering (1973)
Radiative damping of whistlers in a dense magnetoactive plasma waveguide
Yilmaz, A; Oke, G; Rukhadze, A; Bilikmen, S (IOP Publishing, 1996-06-01)
The absorption of whistler waves in a magnetized cylindrical plasma due to coupling with oblique Langmuir waves is investigated. Two types of mechanisms exist for whistler absorption. The first one is related to the excitation of Langmuir waves in the volume of the dense plasma and their subsequent absorption due to the electron collisions. The second one is the emission of Langmuir waves outside of the cylindrical plasma when it is surrounded by the rare plasma. The relation between these whistler absorpti...
Permeabilities of some chemicals through polymeric membranes for controlled release applications
Ekici, İlknur; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Department of Chemistry (1990)
Immobilization of zeolite crystals on solid substrates for biosensor aplications
Öztürk, Seçkin; Akata Kurç, Burcu; Department of Micro and Nanotechnology (2010)
Electrochemical biosensors are cost effective, fast and portable devices, which can determine the existence and amounts of chemicals in a specific medium. These devices have many potential applications in many fields such as determination of diseases, process and product control, environmental monitoring, and drug research. To realize these potentials of the devices, many studies are being carried out to increase their sensitivity, selectivity and long term stabilities. Surface modification studies with var...
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