Implementation of Dirlik s damage model for the vibration fatigue analysis

Demirel, İsmail Gürzap
Kayran, Altan


Implementation of Dirlik's damage model for the vibration fatigue analysis
Demirel, Gürzap; Kayran, Altan (2019-09-01)
Implementation of Dirlik’s damage model for the vibration fatigue analysis
Demirel, Gürzap İ.; Kayran, Altan (2019)
Mechanical fatigue is an important phenomenon when the structures are exposed to dynamic, fluctuating loadings. Especially aerospace structures are commonly exposed to random vibration loadings. In this paper, random vibration fatigue is studied both numerically and experimentally. For this purpose, a rectangular cross-section notched beam is designed in order to conduct the vibration fatigue analysis in the frequency domain by the Dirlik's damage model. Aluminum and steel notched beams are prepared in orde...
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