Hydration layer: a potential key to manage colloidal processing of oxide nanopowder suspensions

Çınar, Simge
Akınç, Müfit
The majority of ceramic processing techniques relies on the successful slurry preparation that ensures homogeneous distribution of powders in a highly loaded slurry with manageable flow characteristics. Only with effective slurry formulation, crack- and pore- free structures can ultimately be manufactured. However, this still remain a challenging issue for advancing technology of additive manufacturing. The available models to predict the colloidal properties of nanopowder slurries therefore require improvements. This presentation will show the presence and importance of hydration layer around oxide nanopowders that has been overlooked till very recently. Then, the influence of the hydration layer on the colloidal properties of oxide nanopowder slurries has been discussed. When the Krieger-Dougherty relation is modified according to the presence of hydration layer, the viscosity of suspensions can be successfully estimated. The resultant improvement in green body quality achieved is also demonstrated.
Citation Formats
S. Çınar and M. Akınç, “Hydration layer: a potential key to manage colloidal processing of oxide nanopowder suspensions,” presented at the 15th Conference Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society, (9-13 Temmuz 2017), Budapest, Macaristan, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/73799.