Loss Sharing in Partnerships

Metu Studies in Development


Loss sharing in partnerships
Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2017-4)
I use an experiment to analyze individuals’ choices for two well-known allocation rules proposed by the theoretical literature while sharing losses (bankruptcy situation): Equal Losses Rule (EL) and Proportional Rule (PRO). For the experiment, I use an investment game where individuals choose how much to contribute to a group project. The contribution of two individuals determines the value of the project. While this value rises with some probability (success rate), it shrinks (bankruptcy) with the rem...
Profit-oriented disassembly-line balancing
ALTEKİN, FATMA TEVHİDE; Kandiller, Levent; Özdemirel, Nur Evin (2008-01-01)
As product and material recovery has gained importance, disassembly volumes have increased, justifying construction of disassembly lines similar to assembly lines. Recent research on disassembly lines has focused on complete disassembly. Unlike assembly, the current industry practice involves partial disassembly with profit-maximization or cost-minimization objectives. Another difference between assembly and disassembly is that disassembly involves additional precedence relations among tasks due to processi...
Loss Anxiety: An Alternative Explanation for the Fundamental Fears in Human Beings
Koca-Atabey, Mujde; Öner Özkan, Bengi (2014-01-01)
In this article, fear of loss as well as fear of death are introduced to explain cultural worldview defence reactions of individuals. Participants were subjected to mortality salience, disability salience and control conditions. Mortality salience and paralysis salience were found to lead to a change in conservatism scores. In a qualitative follow-up study, when reminded about mortality, the participants reported less individual sadness than expected; whereas when the participants were reminded about paraly...
Risk Identification in Public Private Partnership Projects
Saeed, Kamali; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Dikmen Toker, İrem (2018-11-18)
Nowadays, investment in building technical infrastructure in Da Nang city has increased rapidly in terms of scale and scope with the broad participation of the whole society. The unstable effects of the surrounding environment and the internal adjustment of the project lead to many fundamental changes that were initially planned and changed the effectiveness of the project. This is the existence of the risk of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) project in investerment of technical infrastructure in Da Nang. ...
Profit-oriented disassembly line balancing with stochastic task times in hybrid lines
Gümüşkaya, Volkan; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin; Altekin, Tevhide; Department of Industrial Engineering (2013)
We offer a solution approach for profit-oriented disassembly line balancing problem in hybrid lines with stochastic task times. When task times are stochastic, there is a probability that some of the tasks are not completed within the predefined cycle time. For task incompletions, the most commonly used remedial actions are stopping the line or offline repairs. Stopping the line is to stop the line until the incomplete tasks are completed, while in offline repair, incomplete tasks are completed in an offlin...
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