Recent advances in crystalline Si solar cell technologies and GÜNAM’xxs perspectives



Recent advances in inositol chemistry: synthesis and applications
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Recent advances in carbon-based renewable adsorbent for selective carbon dioxide capture and separation-A review
Ahmed, Rafay; Liu, Guijian; Yousaf, Balal; Abbas, Qumber; Ullah, Habib; Ali, Muhammad Ubaid (2020-01-01)
In terms of net intensification in the greenhouse effect ie., rise of global temperature which has triggered melting of glacier thus increasing sea level and acidification of sea, carbon dioxide alone contributes approximately three-fourth of the net greenhouse radiative forcing by man-made (anthropogenic) greenhouse gases emissions. Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) technology; a promising strategy for capturing of carbon dioxide from point sources before its release to atmosphere by using various s...
Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry
İlgü, Müslüm; Nilsen-hamilton, Marit (IntechOpen, 2019-04-01)
Aptamers are invitro selected oligonucleotides (DNA, RNA, oligos with modified nucleotides) that can have high affinity and specificity for a broad range of potential targets with high affinity and specificity. Here we focus on their applications as biosensors in the diagnostic field, although they can also be used as therapeutic agents. A small number of peptide aptamers have also been identified. In analytical settings, aptamers have the potential to extend the limit of current techniques as they offer ma...
Recent Advances in Soil Liquefaction Engineering and Seismic Site Response Evaluation
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Recent trends in renewable energy research: A bibliometric perspective
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