Turkish Muslim Religious Healers A Qualitative Investigation of Hocas and Their Methods



Turkish Muslim Healers: A Qualitative Investigation of Hocas and Their Methods
Canel Çınarbaş, Deniz; Ar-Karci, Yagmur (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-10-01)
A vast majority of Turkish individuals are Muslim, and several Turkish individuals refer to traditional healers to get help for medical and psychological problems. The purpose of the present study was to investigate Turkish traditional healing methods and to delineate the kinds of presenting problems that the clients bring to healers, methods used by the healers, the healing process, and the effect of healing on the clients. For this purpose, 11 participants were interviewed. The data were analyzed using th...
Turkish indigenous healing methods: The practice of visiting sacred tombs.
Canel Çınarbaş, Deniz (2009-03-18)
Turkish prospective chemistry teachers alternative conceptions about acids and bases
Boz, Yezdan (School Science and Mathematics Association, 2009-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to obtain prospective chemistry teachers' conceptions about acids and bases concepts. Thirty‐eight prospective chemistry teachers were the participants. Data were collected by means of an open‐ended questionnaire and semi‐structured interviews. Analysis of data indicated that most prospective teachers did not have difficulties about macroscopic properties of acids and bases. However, despite chemistry instruction, most of the prospective teachers were found to have problems in ...
Turkish world music: multiple fusions and authenticities
Değirmenci, Koray; Yıldırım, Erdoğan; Department of Sociology (2008)
This dissertation investigates the case of world music in Turkey as an illustration of the discursive mechanisms involved in the production of a global cultural form from what the globality has defined as the ‘local’. The study attempts to show the complicated nature of the process by examining how the musical forms and themes supposedly belonging to the ‘local’ are incorporated into and appropriated in the discourses associated with world music and into the corresponding strategies of the actors. The discu...
Turkish preschool teachers' beliefs and practices related to two dimensions of developmentally appropriate classroom management
Şahin Sak, İkbal Tuba; Erden, Feyza; Durodola, Sharolyn (2018-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to describe to what extent four preschool teachers in Turkey have developmentally appropriate beliefs and practices related to two dimensions of classroom management. The participants of the study were four female teachers working in Ankara. The data of this study were collected through a demographic information protocol, interviews, classroom observations, and a document review. The findings of the study showed that preschool teachers' beliefs were closer to developmentally ap...
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