Contextualization How it works on NOS views and NOS teaching of pre service science teachers

Çakıroğlu, Jale
Akerson, Valeria


Contextual Information Requirements of Cost Estimators from Past Construction Projects
Kiziltas, Semiha; Akinci, Burcu (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2009-09-01)
Past project data sources provide key information for construction cost estimators. Previous research studies show that relying only on one's own experience during estimation results in estimators' bias. Having and referring to historical databases, containing objective information on what happened in past projects, are essential for reducing estimators' biases. The first step toward development of useful project history databases is to understand what information estimators require from past projects. The ...
Context-awareness in ubiquitous computing and the mobile devices
Akcit, Nuhcan; Tomur, Emrah; Karslıoğlu, Mahmut Onur (2015-03-19)
Mobile device use has vastly increased in the last few years. Many people use many mobile devices in their daily lives. Context-aware computing is the main feature of pervasive and ubiquitous computing. Context awareness is also an important topic that becomes more available with ubiquitous computing. As the sensors increase, the data collected via mobile device sensors and sensor networks do not have much value because of the difficulty in analysis and understanding the data. Context-aware computing helps ...
Context of use of home use medical devices: a study on the identification of contextual factors of CPAP devices
Aydın, Merve; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2014)
World population is getting older and technology is advancing rapidly over the last decades. At the intersection of these changes, there is a growing desire to provide more effective healthcare to the elder population with the help of improving technology. Medical devices have started to become miniaturized, simplified and affordable enough to find their way out of hospitals into homes. This situation has affected the design considerations on medical devices due to the change of the user groups and product ...
Contextual Problems as Conceptual Anchors?: A Study of Two Classrooms .
Reınke, Luke; Ayan, Rukiye; Casto, Amanda; Stephan, Mıchelle (2018-11-18)
Contextualizing young learners' English lessons with cartoons: Focus on grammar and vocabulary
Arikan, Arda; Taraf, Hayriye Ulas (2010-02-08)
This study examined the effectiveness of authentic animated cartoons in teaching English to young Turkish learners. In this experimental study using pre and post-test design, a comparison is made between instruction based essentially on traditional grammar and vocabulary teaching and one that made use of authentic animated cartoons. Thirty 4th grade pupils studying in a private school took part in the study. The control group (n= 15) followed a traditional grammar-based syllabus for four weeks while the exp...
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