Intersection of state, market and family in the fathering experiences of divorced men in Turkey

Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut
Beşpınar Karaoğlu, Lütfiye Zeynep
This paper aims to question the role of state, labor market, and family in the reshaping process of fatherhood experiences of divorced men. Men’s perceptions and experiences of masculinity and fatherhood have been transformed in accordance with their work life and family experiences. In addition, the impact of the state’s changing perspectives in the divorce legislation and custody in the last years have been significant in men’s perception and experiences. We conducted in-depth interviews with 20 divorced fathers who are from working and middle classes. In this way, we also aim to examine the relationship between the class dynamics and the intersection of state, market and family in the fatherhood experiences. We asked men’s fatherhood experiences before the divorce, the transformation of their relations, experiences and strategies after the divorce and how they use their resources to deal with this new life experience. Social policies and economic conditions influence the fatherhood and divorce experiences of men (Bergman and Hobson, 2002; Orloff and Monson, 2002; Eydal and Rostgaard, 2016). The role of legal issues is important in the personal experiences of men and their relationships with their children (Guttman, 1989; Emmer and Sommer, 2003; Bokker, 2006). The demographic and economic characteristics of divorced men determine their access to social services provided by the state (Brown, 2000). Based on our fieldwork, we argue that the intersectionality of the state’s approach to the family and its care and custody policies, the rising unemployment rates and economic crisis experienced in the market and the family dynamics affect men differently based on their class positions. Fathers’ economic, social and cultural resources shape their divorce and fatherhood perceptions, experiences and strategies.
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F. U. Beşpınar Akgüner and L. Z. Beşpınar Karaoğlu, “Intersection of state, market and family in the fathering experiences of divorced men in Turkey,” Manchester, İngiltere, 2019, p. 710, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: