Correlates of Handgrip and Upper Extremity Strength in Young Soccer Players

Ünlü, Gürcan
Koç, Hürmüz
Gözübüyük, Ömer Batın
Koçak, Mehmet Settar


Correlates of anxiety and depression in Turkish complete denture patients
Dirik, Gulay; Kilicarslan, Mehmet Ali; Gençöz, Tülin; Karanci, Nuray (2006-01-01)
Denture wearing is a stressful life event which can cause Anxiety and depression. Patients' adaptation to dentures may be hindered by their emotional reactions. The present study examined the variables related to anxiety and depression symptoms among 158 adult complete dental prosthesis patients. The results showed that the participants had mild to moderate depression and moderate state anxiety symptoms. The results of the regression analyses showed that treatment duration, perceived burden due to teeth los...
Correlates of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms Among the Caregivers of Leukemic Children
Demirtepe-Saygili, Dilek; Bozo Özen, Özlem (2011-03-01)
This study aims to reveal correlates of depressive and anxiety symptoms among the Turkish caregivers of leukemic children (n = 100). The effects of demographic variables, satisfaction of the basic needs, performance on daily activities, and coping strategies on outcome variables were investigated by hierarchical regression. Accordingly, older age, lower reported income, higher number of other children to be looked after, lower levels of satisfaction of basic needs, and more use of emotion focused coping wer...
Correlates of suicide and ego identity status among adolescents
Uçar, Nida; Şahin, Nail; Department of Psychology (1999)
Correlates of Adult Attachment and Cross National Patterns
Searight, Russell; Sümer, Nebi; Guzey, Ayca; Tuzel, Mahir; Johnson, Lacey N. (2016-07-01)
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, a total of 17,804 participants from 62 cultural regions completedthe RelationshipQuestionnaire(RQ), a self-reportmeasure of adult romanticattachment. Correlational analyses within each culture suggested that the Model of Self and the Model of Other scales of the RQ were psychometrically valid within most cultures. Contrary to expectations, the Model of Self and Model of Other dimensions of the RQ did not underlie the four-category model of attachme...
Correlates of traditional bullying and cyberbullying perpetration among Australian students
Tanrikulu, Ibrahim; Campbell, Marilyn (2015-08-01)
This study investigated the associations of gender, age, trait anger, moral disengagement, witnessing of interparental conflict, school connectedness and the religious makeup of the school setting in the involvement in traditional bullying and cyberbullying perpetration. Five hundred Australian students completed an anonymous self-report, paper-based questionnaire. According to the results, 25.2% of the participants reported having engaged in traditional or cyberbullying perpetration. While trait anger and ...
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G. Ünlü, H. Koç, Ö. B. Gözübüyük, and M. S. Koçak, “Correlates of Handgrip and Upper Extremity Strength in Young Soccer Players,” 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: