Traffic climate, driver behaviour, and traffic accidents.

Özkan, Türker
Summala, Heikki


Traffic climate, driver behaviour, and accidents involvement in China
Chu, Wenhui; Wu, Chaozhong; Atombo, Charles; Zhang, Hui; Özkan, Türker (2019-01-01)
Traffic Climate Scale (TCS) and Positive Driver Behaviours Scale (PDBS) are new measurement tools. The study aims to translate the TCS and PDBS into Chinese and to assess their factor structures in a large sample of licensed motor vehicle drivers in China. A further aim is to investigate the effects of TCS factors on drivers' behaviours and traffic accidents involvement. Data were collected using an online survey. Participants were 887 fully licensed motor vehicle drivers, including 531 males and 356 female...
Traffic climate and driver behaviors: Explicit and implicit measures
Uzumcuoglu, Yeom; Özkan, Türker (Elsevier BV, 2019-04-01)
Traffic climate is about the road users' attitudes towards traffic context and it is assumed that perceived traffic climate might influence drivers' behaviors. In the literature, traffic climate was measured only by using self-report questionnaires. People might give biased responses to self-report measures due to social desirability. The aim of the current study was to develop the first implicit measure for traffic climate. In addition, both implicit and explicit attitudes towards traffic climate and their...
Traffic Safety Climate: Attitudes towards Traffic Safety of Lithuanian and Turkish Young Drivers
The aim of this paper is to compare factorial structure of Traffic Climate Scale in two cultures: Lithuanian and Turkish. 319 Lithuanian and 311 Turkish young drivers participated in the study on voluntary basis. Traffic Climate Scale was used to measure drivers' attitudes and perceptions about traffic safety. The results indicated different structure of Traffic Climate Scale for Turkish and Lithuanian drivers. Lithuanian Traffic Climate Scale consisted of four factors: internal requirements, emotional dema...
Road characteristics and traffic accidents.
Gunalay, Emel; Department of Civil Engineering (1984)
Safety climate, driver behaviours and traffic accidents.
Özkan, Türker (null; 2004-06-09)
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