Nondestructive Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Metallic Components

Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods are successfully used for detection of surface and internal flaws, and also for characterization of materials. Additive manufacturing (AM) of metallic components is rather complicated due to many process variables affecting the performance and quality of the final product. Qualification, verification, and industry adoption of AM parts is dependent upon the capability of NDE. This paper presents the initial results of the on-going studies about NDE of additively manufactured metallic parts, performed at METU.


Inverse dynamics control of parallel manipulators around singular configurations
Özdemir, Mustafa; İder, S. Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2008)
In this thesis, a technique for the motion of parallel manipulators through drive singularities is investigated. To remedy the problem of unbounded inverse dynamics solution in the neighborhood of drive singularities, an inverse dynamics controller which uses a conventional inverse dynamics control law outside the neighborhood of singularities and switches to the mode based on the formerly derived modified equations inside the neighborhood of singularities is proposed. As a result, good tracking performance...
Nonuform pulse repetition interval optimization for pulse doppler radars
Mercan, Hasan; Tanık, Yalçın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
In this thesis, a method of optimization of nonuniform pulse repetition interval for pulse Doppler radars is investigated. PRI jittering technique is used for the selection of inter-pulse intervals. An environment with white Gaussian noise and clutter interference is defined and applying generalized likelihood ratio test, a sufficient statistic function for the detection of the target is derived. The effect of jitter set selection on range and Doppler ambiguity resolution and clutter rejection is investigat...
Dynamic Effect of Solvation on the Optical Properties of a CdTe Nanocrystal
Malcıoğlu, Osman Barış (2013-03-01)
Changes in the optical response of a CdTe quantum dot (QD) due to dynamic and surface effects are investigated using ab initio methods. The model successfully captures experimentally reported non-linear trends in the optical spectra. The combination of ab initio molecular dynamics, time-dependent DFT, and optical spectroscopy provides a very effective method to investigate various dynamic effects on very small QDs, and to explore generalizable trends for similar structures.
Damage Detection in FRP Laminated Beams Using Neural Networks
Şahin, Melin (2002-07-10)
This paper presents a technique to predict the severity and the location of the damage in beam-like composite laminates by using modal parameters as input for an artificial neural network. A laminated cantilever beam is modelled using ANSYS 5.6© finite element software. Normal mode dynamic analyses have been performed for the first three natural modes of intact and damaged beams to find the modal parameters. Damage has been modelled as a local reduction in stiffness of the selected elements in the finite el...
Multinucleon transfer in Ni-58+Ni-60 and Ni-60+Ni-60 in a stochastic mean-field approach
Yilmaz, B.; Ayik, S.; Yılmaz, Osman; Umar, A. S. (2018-09-07)
The multinucleon exchange mechanism in Ni-58 + Ni-60 and Ni-60 + Ni-60 collisions is analyzed in the framework of the stochastic mean-field approach. The results of calculations are compared with the time-dependent random-phase approximation (TDRPA) calculations and the recent data of Ni-58 + Ni-60. A good description of the data and a relatively good agreement with the TDRPA calculations are found.
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