Impact of Demand Stochasticity on Facility Layouts

Efeoglu, Begun
Çelik, Melih
Süral, Haldun
This study investigates the effect of demand uncertainty and the relayout cost on the choice of layout type in stochastic facility layout problems. To evaluate layout flexibility, alternative performance measures other than total material handling cost are defined. Using a twostage scenario-based stochastic integer programming, we simulate its results in order to measure operational performance of the system in a dynamic environment. We then use dynamic programming model to explore the effect of the relayout cost on multi-period problems.


Effect of soil and substructure properties on live-load distribution in integral abutment bridges
Dicleli, Murat (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2008-09-01)
This study is aimed at investigating the effect of soil-structure interaction and substructure properties at the abutments on the distribution of live-load effects in integral abutment bridge (IAB) components. For this purpose, numerous 3D and corresponding 2D structural models of typical IABs are built and analyzed under AASHTO live-load. In the analyses, the effect of various geotechnical and substructure properties such as foundation soil stiffness, considering and neglecting the effect of backfill, back...
Impact of self orientations on well-being during adulthood : the mediating roles of meaning in life, attitudes towards death and religious outlook
Yeniçeri, Zuhal; İmamoğlu, Emine Olcay; Department of Psychology (2013)
The first aim of the present study was to explore the impact of relational and individuational self orientations proposed by Balanced Integration Differentiation (BID) Model (İmamoğlu, 1998; 2003) on adults’ subjective (SWB) and psychological well-being (PWB). Secondly, it was aimed to test a structural model which shows the possible associations between self orientations, meaning in life (presence of and search for meaning in life) and well-being. Lastly, attitudes towards death (death transcendence and de...
Effect of ground motion selection on seismic response of buildings
Karakütük, Özge; Yakut, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (2015)
In this study, effects of ground motion selection and scaling procedure given in different earthquake design codes were investigated. To observe differences between the scaling procedures defined in various seismic design codes, these procedures are applied employing the response spectra defined in these specifications. Four reinforced concrete moment resisting frame buildings were used in the analyses. These buildings have 3, 4, 6 and 8 stories. This way, effects of scaling on low-rise and mid-rise buildin...
Impact of physical and chemical heterogeneities on optimal remediation design and costs
Aksoy, Ayşegül (null; 2001-01-24)
The impact of physical and chemical aquifer heterogeneities on optimal remediation design and costs is investigated by linking a genetic algorithm optimization library with a contaminant transport simulation model. Various levels of physical and chemical (sorption) aquifer heterogeneities are examined. In the first level, heterogeneity is limited to the hydraulic conductivity (K) field. Then systems with heterogeneity in both K and the distribution coefficient (Kd) are considered. The final level of heterog...
Impact of risk aversion and backup supplier on sourcing decisions of a firm
Merzifonluoglu, Yasemin (2015-11-17)
This study focuses on a newsvendor problem with multiple suppliers, considering the risk-neutral and risk-averse objectives in a mean-risk optimisation model. The firm first decides order quantities from the primary (unreliable) suppliers and reserve capacity from the secondary (reliable) backup supplier. After the state of its primary suppliers and customer demand is revealed, the firm purchases from the available suppliers and uses the backup supplier subject to the reserved capacity. For the special case...
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