Technology Review of Sustainable Aircraft Design

Ahmed, Tawfiq
Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda
Since the beginning of the aviation industry, fossil fuel is being used as the only source of fuel to power airplanes. Each year the popularity of aviation industry among the passengers is increasing dramatically because of its short journey time. Therefore, the demand of fossil fuel is also increasing to support the additional need. However, the stock of fossil fuel is reducing and will all be consumed within a couple of decades. In addition to this, the increment of greenhouse gas has become another issue, which should be dealt with urgently in order to not contribute to global warming. Because of these upcoming problems, another source of fuel and a significant development in aircraft design are a must for the future of aviation industry. Some new sources of fuels are being tested as alternative fuels. Solar power, biofuels, and hydrogen fuel are some of them. New techniques for aircraft design have also been developed within the last couple of years. To make these new ideas available, all the aircraft manufacturing companies and engineers should work collectively.
Citation Formats
T. Ahmed and D. F. Kurtuluş, Technology Review of Sustainable Aircraft Design. 2019, p. 152.