Creating Organizational Culture Through Academic Inbreeding: A Case from Turkey

Yıldırım Taştı, Özlem Fatma
Göktürk Ağın, Duygun
Kandemir, Anıl
In this study, we explore how academic inbreeding policies and practices might contribute to the research and teaching cultures at one of the technical public university in Turkey. Building on literature review and work on the relationship between academic inbreeding and the status of research in higher education institutions, we examine some of the mechanisms that map the territory of institutional research culture and trace the links between inbreeding policies and practices and scientific research and cultures. Along the research process, the data are drawn from Annual Strategic Planning Reports of the university and in-depth interviews were conducted with 22 faculty members. Findings revealed that there is a tendency to employ undergraduate and master degree inbreeds while mobility is supported at Ph.D. level.
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Ö. F. Yıldırım Taştı, D. Göktürk Ağın, and A. Kandemir, “Creating Organizational Culture Through Academic Inbreeding: A Case from Turkey,” presented at the AERA Annual Meeting 2018, (13 - 17 April 2018), New-York, United States Of America, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: