Hot pressing studies in Al-Cu-Mg-SiC system

Şimşir, Fatma Muazzez


Hot photocarrier dynamics in organic solar cells
Lane, P. A.; Cunningham, P. D.; Melinger, J. S.; Esentürk, Okan; Heilweil, E. J. (2015-07-01)
Photocurrent in an organic solar cell is generated by a charge transfer reaction between electron donors and acceptors. Charge transfer is expected to proceed from thermalized states, but this picture has been challenged by recent studies that have investigated the role of hot excitons. Here we show a direct link between excess excitation energy and photocarrier mobility. Charge transfer from excited donor molecules generates hot photocarriers with excess energy coming from the offset between the lowest uno...
Hot dynamic consolidation of aifevsi alloy powders
Kotan, Şevkiye Ezgi; Kalkanlı, Ali; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2005)
The experimental alloy powders of 1% Mg treated Al-8Fe-1.8V-8Si were obtained by air atomization. The screen analysis of powders was made by sieves with meshes ranging from +90æm, +63æm, +53æm, +45æm, +38æm to -38æm. Unreinforced and TiC particulate reinforced specimens were produced by hot dynamic consolidation which is known as hot swaging. Powders were canned into pure aluminium tubes of about 10cm length and 2.2cm diameter. Single action and double action cold pressing were applied to some of the specim...
Hot cracking susceptibility of twin roll cast Al-Mg alloys
Tirkeş, Süha; Ankara, Osman Alpay; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2009)
Increasing use of aluminum alloys in the automotive industry increases the importance of the production of sheet aluminum. To provide cost effective sheet aluminum to the industry, twin-roll casting (TRC) is becoming more important compared to DC casting. Demand for usage of different aluminum alloys in sheet form introduces some difficulties that should be considered during their applications. The main problem encountered during the welding of aluminum alloys is hot cracking. The aim of this study is to un...
Full Wave Analysis of Three Dimensional Optical Metamaterials Involving DeformedNanowires
Karaosmanoglu, Barıscan; Yılmaz, Akıf; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2015-09-10)
A structurally dynamic modelling - Lake Mogan, Turkey as a case study
Zhang, JJ; Jorgensen, SE; Tan, CO; Beklioğlu, Meryem (Elsevier BV, 2003-06-15)
A structurally dynamic model based on phosphorus nutrient limitation has been developed for Lake Mogan located nearby Ankara, Turkey. This eutrophication model, which includes very dense submerged plants, was calibrated using a standard procedure described by Jorgensen and Bendoriccho [Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 20 pp.]. Furthermore, exergy was applied as a goal function to consider the dynamic adaptation and the seasonality of plankton species (e.g. size shifts). Thi...
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F. M. Şimşir, “Hot pressing studies in Al-Cu-Mg-SiC system,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.