Hot dynamic consolidation of aifevsi alloy powders

Kotan, Şevkiye Ezgi
The experimental alloy powders of 1% Mg treated Al-8Fe-1.8V-8Si were obtained by air atomization. The screen analysis of powders was made by sieves with meshes ranging from +90æm, +63æm, +53æm, +45æm, +38æm to -38æm. Unreinforced and TiC particulate reinforced specimens were produced by hot dynamic consolidation which is known as hot swaging. Powders were canned into pure aluminium tubes of about 10cm length and 2.2cm diameter. Single action and double action cold pressing were applied to some of the specimens before hot dynamic compaction and some specimens of canned loose powder were also processed. The diameters of the hot compacts were decreased in a two step process by swaging machine (rotary dynamic compaction). During the first step, after canning, compacts had been held at 480°C for 1 hour and swaged, thus the diameter decreased from 2.2 cm to 1.97cm. Secondly, the compacts were reheated to 480ðC and held for 1 hour and further swaged to obtain a diameter decrease from 1.97cm to 1.54cm. Generally, the microstructures of the hot dynamic compacted specimens were homogeneous except the specimens produced by using -63 æm +53 æm powder size fraction. By SEM study, a vanadium free cross like AlFeSi phase was observed near the outer regions of the specimen. No considerable coarsening of the dispersoids was observed after hot dynamic compaction of +63 æm size powder. For -90æm +63æm size powders, maximum flexural strength values obtained by three point bending test increased by addition of 10% TiC to from 152 MPa to 285 MPa at double pressed condition and from 76MPa to 190MPa at loose powder canning condition. By hardness tests, it was observed that hardness values were inversely proportional to powder size and increased from 107 BHN to 147 BHN for corresponding powder size range of +90æm to -38æm. Porosity values obtained by Archimedes principle for single pressing
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Ş. E. Kotan, “Hot dynamic consolidation of aifevsi alloy powders,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.