An Eye-tracking Based Investigation of Multimedia Learning Materials for Science Education

Altan, Tuğba
Çağıltay, Kürşat


An Experimental investigation of ICT expertise by gaze analysis
Kaya, Erdi; Acartürk, Cengiz; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2019)
The aim of the present study is to contribute to the approaches used for the division of experts and novices according to the approaches and differences in question answering. For this purpose, an experiment was conducted with 41 participants. The subjects were divided into two groups as experts and novices according to their information test scores. Then the participants answered a set of questions based on ICT and their eye movements were recorded. The participants were then divided as high performers and...
An Investigation of students‘ homework self-regulation and teachers‘ homework practices s
Taş, Yasemin; Sungur Vural, Semra; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Education (2013)
This study investigated Grade 7 students’ Science and Technology homework self-regulation in relation to science achievement and teachers’ homework practices. This was a nationwide study; 8318 seventh grade students and 344 Science and Technology teachers in Turkey participated. Participating students completed Student Homework Scale and Science Achievement Test while their Science and Technology teachers responded to the items in Teacher Homework Scale. Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) analyses were cond...
An Eye Tracking Based Investigation of Multimedia Learning Design in Science Education Textbooks
Altan, Tugba; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2022-01-01)
© 2022. Educational Technology and Society. All Rights Reserved.This study investigated the effects of multimedia learning and visual design in a 6th grade science textbook on students’ studying processes. This was accomplished by using eye tracking technology and by applying multimedia learning design and visual design principles to science textbooks. Eye tracking based testing was employed to evaluate the effects of multimedia learning and visual design principles on students’ studying process as they int...
An Investigation of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers’ techno-pedagogical content knowledge within the context of their teaching practices
Balgalmış, Esra; Çakıroğlu, Erdinç; Department of Elementary Education (2013)
The goal of the case study was to investigate the contribution of field experience and the reflection-on-practice process on Turkish Pre-service Teachers’ TPACK. In 2011-2012 fall semester, the research was conducted with the participation of three PSTs. PSTs designed and implemented three technology-based lessons, primarily with GeoGebra. They were observed during the lesson and interviewed before and after each lesson implementation to reflect on their teaching. The data collection methods were reflective...
An Investigation of in-service secondary mathematics teachers’ evolving knowledge through professional development activities based on modeling perspective
Aydoğan Yenmez, Arzu; Erbaş, Ayhan Kürşat; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2012)
Although an increasing number of research studies in mathematics education have begun focusing their efforts on mathematical modeling as a need for change to convey mathematical ideas beyond schools, there is not enough information about the nature of the teacher knowledge for effective use of modeling in mathematics teaching and how this knowledge evolves. The goal of this study is to investigate teachers’ evolving knowledge when they engage in professional development activities based on lesson study cycl...
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