An Eye Tracking Based Investigation of Multimedia Learning Design in Science Education Textbooks

Altan, Tugba
Çağıltay, Kürşat
© 2022. Educational Technology and Society. All Rights Reserved.This study investigated the effects of multimedia learning and visual design in a 6th grade science textbook on students’ studying processes. This was accomplished by using eye tracking technology and by applying multimedia learning design and visual design principles to science textbooks. Eye tracking based testing was employed to evaluate the effects of multimedia learning and visual design principles on students’ studying process as they interacted with the revised textbook chapter. The results revealed that the revised cell biology chapter facilitated answering achievement test questions and helped attentional focus on relevant images, as well as more successful integration of text and images during students’ studying processes. These research findings can be used in the design process to develop science textbooks based on learner needs. The research also provides guidelines for designing similar multimedia learning materials. Thus, the research results may contribute both theoretical and practical implications for the multimedia learning design of science textbooks.
Educational Technology and Society


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