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Recent Submissions

Method development for estimation of bleed momentum coefficient using surface pressure measurements and in situ hot wire calibration
Çetin, Cenk; Yavuz, Mehmet Metin (2024-07-01)
Recently, as a passive flow control method, bleeding technique allowing flow of upstream towards suction side by interior passages, has been utilized on non-slender delta wing planforms, where effective geometries can enha...
Optimization of variable pitch milling tools for improved chatter stability
Özşahin, Orkun (2024-06-30)
Chatter is an important problem in machining operations which causes poor surface quality, increased tool wear, failure of cutting tool and even machine tool, and excessive noise during machining hence reduced productivity...
Performance improvement in a vertical latent thermal energy storage tank with crossing heat transfer tubes
Baghaei Oskouei, Seyedmohsen; Bayer, Özgür (2024-05-30)
In a vertical latent thermal energy storage (LTES) tank, the lack of natural convection and domination of conduction results in a slow charging rate. On the other hand, due to large thermal resistances between the cold sur...
Simulation of crack closure effect on cracked beam vibrations
Günhan, Dağhan; Acar, Bülent; Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (2024-05-02)
Vibrations of beams containing cracks are usually investigated by using open or breathing crack models. Neither one of these approaches considers the plasticity induced crack closure (PICC) phenomena which occurs in fatigu...
Investigation of the translaminar fracture behavior of the fiber-reinforced composites stitched perpendicular to their plane
Asan, Ahmet Murat; Kaman, Mete Onur; Dağ, Serkan; Erdem, Serkan; Turan, Kadir (2024-05-01)
To increase the fracture toughness, the two-dimensional laminated textiles can be stitched with fibers throughout their thickness. But the stitch properties effect the mechanical behavior of the composite plates. Because o...
Effect of impinging flow on hydrothermal characteristics of a pipe-network mini channel heatsink
Salamatbakhsh, Elyas; Bayer, Özgür; SOLMAZ, İsmail (2024-05-01)
In the current work, a lattice-structured mini channel heatsink is subjected to an impinging flow (IF) in which the flow enters from the top and exits from the lateral sides. An experimental setup is built, and numerical s...
Effect of nanoheterogeneities on the fracture toughness and tensile ductility of CuTa metallic glass thin films
Behboud, Ali B.; Fadaie, Amir; Motallebzadeh, Amir; ŞEHİRLİ, SERVET; Özerinç, Sezer (2024-04-05)
Nanoheterogenenous metallic glasses (MG) can offer improved ductility through a nanoscale modulation in their mechanical properties. However, the relationship between the modulation parameters and the mechanical behavior i...
Effects of triaxiality and lode parameter on deep drawing process
Güzelderen, Tolunay; Darendeliler, Haluk (2024-04-01)
Biochar gasification: Insights from pyrolysis atmospheres and gasification heating rates
Akgül, Alican; Akın, Süleyman Şener; Güleç, Fatih; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza (2024-03-15)
Gasification is a promising technology for the synthesis of syngas and hydrogen, with char reactivity being a pivotal factor in the design of industrial gasifiers. Despite extensive studies on the gasification characterist...
Fracture toughness of AlTiN coatings investigated by nanoindentation and microcantilever bending
Kaygusuz, Burçin; Motallebzadeh, Amir; Karadayı, Özcan; Kazmanlı, Muhammet Kürşat; Özerinç, Sezer (2024-02-15)
Metal nitride coatings are increasingly used in MEMS applications. The brittle nature of these coatings makes fracture one of the main failure mechanisms during operation. Therefore, quantifying the fracture toughness of n...
Humanized brain organoids-on-chip integrated with sensors for screening neuronal activity and neurotoxicity
Saglam-Metiner, Pelin; Yıldırım, Ender; Dincer, Can; Basak, Onur; Yesil-Celiktas, Ozlem (2024-01-01)
The complex structure and function of the human central nervous system that develops from the neural tube made in vitro modeling quite challenging until the discovery of brain organoids. Human-induced pluripotent stem cell...
Close-contact melting and natural convection in unconstrained melting: A parametric study
Baghaei Oskouei, Seyedmohsen; Li, Zi-Rui; Bayer, Özgür; Fan, Li-Wu (2024-01-01)
Close-contact melting (CCM) is a phenomenon that can be achieved in latent thermal energy storage (LTES) units where the falling of solid PCM is realized. On the other hand, natural convection (NC) plays an important role ...
Development of a dynamic simulation model for CNC table vibration estimation in milling operations Frezeleme işleminde CNC tabla titreşimlerinin kestirimi için dinamik simülasyon modeli geliştirilmesi
Altun, Barış; Çalışkan, Hakan; Özşahin, Orkun (2024-01-01)
Recent developments under Industry 4.0 allows to collect and analyze measurements during milling process. For such projects to be done, software needs to be developed. Developing software through testing is expensive and t...
Tumor-Microenvironment-on-Chip Platform for Assessing Drug Response in 3D Dynamic Culture
Aydin, Hakan Berk; Moon, Hye-Ran; Han, Bumsoo; Özçelikkale, Altuğ; Acar, Ahmet (2024-01-01)
Microphysiological systems involving microfluidic 3D culture of cancer cells have emerged as a versatile toolkit to study tumor biological problems and evaluate potential treatment strategies. Incorporation of microfluidic...
A rotary extrusion system with a rectangular-orifice nozzle: toward adaptive resolution in material extrusion additive manufacturing
Gharehpapagh, Bahar; Dilberoglu, Ugur M.; Yaman, Ulaş; Dolen, Melik (2024-01-01)
Material extrusion additive manufacturing (MEAM) has revolutionized the production of complex designs while minimizing the amount of effort required due to its simple production pipeline. However, MEAM naturally comes with...
Toktaş, Selim Ercihan; Dağ, Serkan (2024-01-01)
A multilayer approach is developed to solve the moving Hertzian contact problem involving a circular punch and a functionally graded multiferroic coating. The mathematical model constructed consists of arbitrary numbers of...
Effects of Thermal and Chemical Nonequilibrium on Response of Charring Ablative Materials
Coskun, Volkan; Sert, Cüneyt (2024-01-01)
A material response solver that predicts the response of charring ablative materials under different degrees of physical modeling complexity is developed. The solver provides a versatile environment for engineering analyse...
Predictive search model of flocking for quadcopter swarm in the presence of static and dynamic obstacles
Önür, Giray; Turgut, Ali Emre; Şahin, Erol (2024-01-01)
One of the main challenges in swarm robotics is to achieve robust and scalable flocking, such that large numbers of robots can move together in a coordinated and cohesive manner while avoiding obstacles or threats. Flockin...
Dual Horizon Peridynamic Approach for Studying the Effect of Porous Media on the Dynamic Crack Growth in Brittle Materials
Altay, Ugur; DÖRDÜNCÜ, MEHMET; Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (2024-01-01)
This study aims to investigate the effect of the stop-hole configurations on dynamic cracks using the dual-horizon peridynamic approach (DHPD). The traditional PD formulations require uniform discretization for the solutio...
Utilization of cross-correlation function for assessment of replication quality in ultrasonic embossing of microchannels on polymethyl methacrylate
Yıldırım, Ender; Ulku, Mert Kerem; Arıkan, Mehmet Ali Sahir (2024-01-01)
Ultrasonic embossing—a process where a horn vibrating at 20–30 kHz compresses on a thermoplastic substrate sitting on a mold to replicate the features on the mold to the substrate—is a promising method for fabricating micr...
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