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Recent Submissions

A novel vision-based calibration framework for industrial robotic manipulators
Balanji, Hamid Majidi; Turgut, Ali Emre; Tunc, Lutfi Taner (2022-02-01)
With the increasing involvement of industrial robots in manufacturing processes, the demand for high quality robots has increased considerably. A high-quality robot is a robot having good repeatability and accuracy. Indust...
Influence of biomass thermal pre-treatment on the particulate matter formation during pulverized co-combustion with lignite coal
Magalhaes, Duarte; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza (2022-01-15)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdThis work investigated the particulate matter formation during co-combustion of thermally pre-treated biomass with coal. Olive residue was chosen as agricultural waste biomass, and Tunçbilek lignite as t...
The effect of torrefaction, slow, and fast pyrolysis on the single particle combustion of agricultural biomass and lignite coal at high heating rates
Gürel, Kaan; Magalhães, Duarte; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza (2022-01-15)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdThe present paper studies single particle combustion of olive residue (OR), almond shell (AS), and Tunçbilek lignite (TL) and their thermal pre-treated particles in a vertical wire mesh reactor (WMR) set...
A microfluidic device enabling drug resistance analysis of leukemia cells via coupled dielectrophoretic detection and impedimetric counting
Demircan Yalçın, Yağmur; Töral, Taylan Berkin; Sukas, Sertan; Yıldırım, Ender; Zorlu, Özge; Gündüz, Ufuk; Külah, Haluk (2021-12-01)
© 2021, The Author(s).We report the development of a lab-on-a-chip system, that facilitates coupled dielectrophoretic detection (DEP-D) and impedimetric counting (IM-C), for investigating drug resistance in K562 and CCRF-C...
GPU algorithms for Efficient Exascale Discretizations
Abdelfattah, Ahmad; et. al. (2021-12-01)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.In this paper we describe the research and development activities in the Center for Efficient Exascale Discretization within the US Exascale Computing Project, targeting state-of-the-art high-order fini...
Modeling heat exchangers with an open source DEM-based code for granular flows
Johnson, Evan F.; Tarı, İlker; Baker, Derek Keıth (Elsevier BV, 2021-11)
Dense granular flows exist in many solid particle heat exchangers and solar receivers studied in the field of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). By tracking particles individually with the Discrete Element Method (DEM), the ...
Experimental Quantification and Validation of Modal Properties of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures by Using Response-Controlled Stepped-Sine Testing
Karaagacli, T.; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2021-10-01)
Background Various nonlinear system identification methods applicable to distributed nonlinearities have been developed over the last decade. However, many of them are not eligible to accurately quantify a high degree of n...
End control damping algorithm for a stabilized gun turret system for the satisfaction of the collision avoidance requirement
Yerlikaya, Ümit; Balkan, Raif Tuna (2021-09-01)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.This paper presents a collision avoidance algorithm for stabilized gun turrets and its real-time implementation. With the help of new collision avoidance algorithm, all types of turrets can be driven mo...
Simulation of turbulence induced sound generation inside stenosed femoral artery models with different severities and eccentricities
Ozden, Kamil; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit; Sert, Cüneyt (2021-09-01)
© 2021Background and objectives: Recent developments of low-cost, compact acoustic sensors, advanced signal processing tools and powerful computational resources allow researchers design new scoring systems for acoustic de...
Microstructure and nanomechanical behavior of sputtered CuNb thin films
Abboud, Mohammad; Motallebzadeh, Amir; Duygulu, Özgür; Maaß, Robert; Özerinç, Sezer (2021-09-01)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdWe report on the mechanical properties of Cu–Nb alloys produced by combinatorial magnetron sputtering. Depending on the composition, the microstructure is either fully amorphous (~30–65 at.% Cu), a dispe...
Micromechanical Characterization of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts Produced by Electron Beam Melting
Özerinç, Sezer; Kaygusuz, Burcin; KAŞ, MUSTAFA; Motallebzadeh, Amir; Nesli, Safak; Duygulu, Ozgur; YILMAZ, OĞUZHAN (2021-08-01)
Ti-6Al-4V is one of the most promising alloys for electron beam melting (EBM) of structural parts due to its outstanding properties and its extensive use in the aerospace, automotive, and energy industries. In this study, ...
Stress fields around magma chambers influenced by elastic thermo-mechanical deformation: implications for forecasting chamber failure
Browning, J.; KARAOĞLU, ÖZGÜR; Bayer, Özgür; Turgay, M.B.; Acocella, V. (2021-07-01)
© 2021, International Association of Volcanology & Chemistry of the Earth's Interior.Defining the conditions that lead to the rupture of a magma chamber is essential to forecast eruptions. So far, models simulating magma c...
Interplay of transport mechanisms during the evaporation of a pinned sessile water droplet
Akdag, Osman; Akkus, Yigit; Cetin, Barbaros; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2021-07-01)
Droplet evaporation has been intensively investigated in past decades owing to its emerging applications in diverse fields of science and technology. Yet the role of transport mechanisms has been the subject of a heated de...
Droplet evaporation dynamics on microstructured biphilic, hydrophobic, and smooth surfaces
Günay, Ahmet Alperen; Kim, Moon-Kyung; Yan, Xiao; Miljkovic, Nenad; Sett, Soumyadip (2021-07-01)
Understanding liquid evaporation on surfaces is of utmost importance due to its impact on a plethora of industrial and natural processes. Over the past several decades, through chemical functionalization or surface structu...
Development and Analysis of the Novel Hybridization of a Single-Flash Geothermal Power Plant with Biomass Driven sCO2-Steam Rankine Combined Cycle
Mutlu, Balkan; Baker, Derek Keıth; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza (2021-6-01)
This study investigates the hybridization scenario of a single-flash geothermal power plant with a biomass-driven sCO2-steam Rankine combined cycle, where a solid local biomass source, olive residue, is used as a fuel. The...
Modular Heat Sinks for Enhanced Thermal Management of Electronics
Hoque, Muhammad Jahidul; Günay, Ahmet Alperen; Stillwell, Andrew; Gurumukhi, Yashraj; Pilawa-Podgurski, Robert C. N.; Miljkovic, Nenad (2021-06-01)
Power electronics are vital for the generation, conversion, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy. Improving the efficiency, power density, and reliability of power electronics is an important challenge that ...
Finite Element Analyses of the Modified Strain Gradient Theory Based Kirchhoff Microplates
Kandaz, Murat; Dal, Hüsnü (2021-06-01)
In this contribution, the variational problem for the Kirchhoff plate based on the modified strain gradient theory (MSGT) is derived, and the Euler-Lagrange equations governing the equation of motion are obtained. The Gale...
Supercritical extraction of biomass as an effective pretreatment step for the char yield control in pyrolysis
Trubetskaya, Anna; Budarin, Vitaliy; Arshadi, Mehrdad; Magalhães, Duarte; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza; Hunt, Andrew John (2021-06-01)
© 2021 The Author(s)This work demonstrates that the coupling of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction with pyrolysis is an effective method for the removal of extractives from forestry residues and generation of solid ch...
Ideal tooth profile modifications for improving nonlinear dynamic response of planetary gear trains
Ozturk, Veysel Yalin; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2021-05-01)
The ultimate goal in this study is to investigate the effects of tooth profile modifications (TPMs) on PGTs by performing parametric studies. For this purpose, firstly a nonlinear planetary gear dynamics model with time-va...
Elektron Işınıyla Ergitme Yöntemiyle Üretilen Ti6Al4V Parçalarının Mekanik Özellikleri Üzerinde İnşa Yönünün Etkisi
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan; Gülcan, Orhan; Temel Yiğitbaşi, Selen (2021-05-01)
The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of building direction on mechanical properties of the parts fabricated using Ti6Al4V alloy powders by electron beam melting method. Three specimens in three different ...
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