From synthesis gas to a clean transportation fuel dimethyl ether: New nanocomposite bifunctional catalyst pairs

Arslan, A.
Bayat, A.
Çelik, Gökhan
Doğu, Tuncay


From RNA isolation to microarray analysis: Comparison of methods in FFPE tissues
Belder, Nevin; Coskun, Oznur; ERDOĞAN, BEYZA DOĞANAY; İlk Dağ, Özlem; SAVAŞ, BERNA; ENSARİ, ARZU; ÖZDAĞ, Hilal (Elsevier BV, 2016-01-01)
Background: Genome-wide gene expression profiling analysis of FFPE tissue samples is indispensable for cancer research and provides the opportunity to evaluate links between molecular and clinical information, however, working with FFPE samples is challenging due to extensive cross-linking, fragmentation and limited quantities of nucleic acid. Thus, processing of FFPE tissue samples from RNA extraction to microarray analysis still needs optimization.
From anoxic seas to seafloor hotspot ecosystems Deep carbon cycle through sulfur dependent biogeochemical pathways
Yücel, Mustafa (null; 2015-10-21)
From magmatic arc to post-collisional back-arc setting in the Tauride-Anatolide Platform (TAP): Overview of the Cadomian basement rocks in Turkey
Gürsu, Semih; Goncuoglu, M. Cemal; Köksal, Serhat; Möller, Andreas (null; 2017-10-25)
A new geodynamic model is proposed to clarify the genesis of the Late Neoproterozoic - Early Cambrian meta-magmatic rocks cropped out in S Turkey. Cadomian basement rocks observed in peri-Gondwanan Turkey crop out in different Alpine tectonic terranes: Strandja, Istanbul Zonguldak Terrane (IZT), Tauride-Anatolide Platform (TAP) and South Anatolian Autochthone Belt (SAAB). Ediacaran magmatic arc and late to post-collisional igneous rocks in Turkey are mainly composed of meta-igneous rocks with a wide range o...
From White to Red: Electric-Field Dependent Chromaticity of Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells based on Archetypal Porphyrins
Weber, Michael D.; Wittmann, Judith E.; Burger, Alexandra; Malcıoğlu, Osman Barış; Segarra-Marti, Javier; Hirsch, Andreas; Coto, Pedro B.; Bockstedte, Michel; Costa, Ruben D. (2016-10-04)
The differences in the electroluminescence (EL) of red-emitting free-base (H2TPP) and Zn-metalated (ZnTPP) archetypal porphyrins are rationalized in light-emitting electrochemical cells by means of an electric-field dependent effect, leading to whitish and reddish devices, respectively. Although H2TPP shows superior electrochemical and photophysical features compared to ZnTPP, devices prepared with ZnTPP surprisingly stand out with a deep-red EL similar to its photoluminescence (PL), while H2TPP devices fea...
From RFLP to DArT: molecular tools for wheat (Triticum spp.) diversity analysis
Khan, Mohd Kamran; Pandey, Anamika; Choudhary, Saumya; HAKKI, ERDOĞAN EŞREF; Akkaya, Mahinur; Thomas, George (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2014-06-01)
Wheat (Triticum spp.) is a universally lucrative agricultural crop. An increase in wheat production has been shown through selection by the farmers which can increase the grain profitability. The determination of genetic associations among domestic cultivars is facilitated by molecular markers. Data on genetic polymorphism is valuable for the germplasm association and regarding the developing management strategies. The information would be supportive for potential genome mapping programs and for the relevan...
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A. Arslan, A. Bayat, G. Çelik, and T. Doğu, “From synthesis gas to a clean transportation fuel dimethyl ether: New nanocomposite bifunctional catalyst pairs,” 2013, vol. 1, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: