A Rock Mechanics Investigation for the Stability of an Underground Ore Storage Chamber

In this paper, rock mechanics investigations carried out on the future behaviour and support requirements of a large cavern planned to be utilized as a chamber for ore storage which is under early stages of its construction are presented. This cavern which is to be excavated in weak granodiorite and scarp, will have the dimensions of 15 m width, 40 m height, and 60 m length when completed. To reach the goal, rock mechanical parameters have been extensively studied. In this respect, major geological patterns and their strength characteristics have been established together with the physical and mechanical properties of the ore bearing rock (scarp) and the wall rock (marble and altered granodiorite). Moreover, the state of stress in the area was measured. Large proportion of the data thus obtained was integrated into different rock mass classification systems. Back analysis has been carried out. Stability of ore storage cavern is studied and measures to be taken are suggested.