The Computation of Performative Architecture within Integrated Design Process

Ataman, Cem
Gürsel Dino, İpek


The application of modular coordination to the interior spaces
Zakkar, Rudeyna; Yolal, Yaprak; Department of Architecture (1991)
The Representation problem of causal relationships in complex systems modeling
Kocaoğlu, Başak; Zambak, Aziz Fevzi; Department of Philosophy (2018)
An adequate representation for causal relations of a phenomenon offers (i) an explanatory architecture of the phenomenon; (ii) a basis for modeling the phenomenon; and thus, (iii) a way to make predictions about similar events. However, the criterion of the ‘right’ way to represent causation is highly disputed among econometrists and computer scientists as well as philosophers. Each representational framework may bear different ontological commitments concerning the nature of the causal connection. In this ...
The construction of organizational risk
Topal, Çağrı (2008-07-12)
The modeling of the location tools of geographic information system as a transaction processing of data
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The investigation of cognitive processes in mathematics learning with item response theory
Özkaya Seçil, Selcen; Berberoğlu, Halil Giray; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2009)
The importance of learning mathematics and using it in daily life is obvious. On the other hand, the results from many national and international assessment studies show that the achievement of Turkish students are very far away from the bare minimum performance. However, in the measurement and evaluation procedures of both primary and secondary educational system, there is a lack of identification of this “bare minimum” or qualitative and clear descriptors for performance levels. A great importance is dedi...
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