The Representation problem of causal relationships in complex systems modeling

Kocaoğlu, Başak
An adequate representation for causal relations of a phenomenon offers (i) an explanatory architecture of the phenomenon; (ii) a basis for modeling the phenomenon; and thus, (iii) a way to make predictions about similar events. However, the criterion of the ‘right’ way to represent causation is highly disputed among econometrists and computer scientists as well as philosophers. Each representational framework may bear different ontological commitments concerning the nature of the causal connection. In this thesis, it is argued that the current representations embrace an ontology bound to linearity and will remain inadequate to represent complex systems as long as linearity is presumed. To characterize the relation between cause and effect in those systems it is needed that a representational framework for nonlinearly interacting complex phenomena. As a conclusion, the major obstacle in the way of representing nonlinear causation addressed as an ontological problem.
Citation Formats
B. Kocaoğlu, “The Representation problem of causal relationships in complex systems modeling,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.