Project Portfolio Management Software Use in Construction Industry

Demirçeken, Orçun
Keskin, Başak
Sönmez, Rifat
In recent years, a variety of software alternatives and capabilities have been made available for project and portfolio management (PPM). However, very little research has focused on the use of project and portfolio management software in the construction industry. Degree of adoption of PPM software and the reasoning behind these selections may vary among contractors, as each project’s unique situation may have an impact on the contractor’s decision. The objective of this research is to determine the current trends in PPM software use in the construction industry, and to investigate the reasoning behind the decisions that are related to the PPM software use. A practitioner survey is conducted to reveal the current project and portfolio management software trends of international contractors along with the adaptation of building information modelling in PPM. The questions of the survey are grouped under four sections; project management software practices, portfolio management software practices, evaluation of the PPM software, and BIM use and habits in PPM. The survey findings are presented and discussed to reveal the current trends in project and portfolio management software use within the construction industry


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