Inflow Analysis of a Hydropower Reservoir



Inelastic Displacement Response of RC Systems with Cyclic Deterioration-An Energy Approach
Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Sucuoğlu, Haluk (2012-01-01)
Inelastic displacements of reinforced concrete systems are investigated by employing an energy-based approach. A hysteresis model is developed that accounts for stiffness degradation, strength deterioration and pinching. The model is calibrated by using experimental data from literature. Inelastic displacement ratios are calculated under a specific set of ground motion records with long effective durations. The results reveal the importance of deteriorating behavior under long duration excitations, especial...
Inelastic seismic response of precast concrete frames with constructed plastic hinges
Sucuoğlu, Haluk (1995-07-01)
A modified seismic design concept is introduced for precast concrete frames in which beam plastic hinges with reduced yield capacities are constructed away from the precast beam-column connections arranged at the column faces. Plastic hinge location and yield capacity are employed as the basic parameters of an analytical survey in which the inelastic dynamic responses of a conventional precast frame and its modified counterparts are calculated and compared under two earthquake excitations by using a general...
Infilled Frame Response Under Seismic Excitation
Demirel, İsmail Ozan; Yakut, Ahmet; Metin, Hasan (2017-06-08)
Overtopping risk assessment in river diversion facility design
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2000-04-01)
Diversion canals supplemented with upstream and downstream cofferdams are constructed to divert river flow for the construction of diversion weirs. Insufficient canal capacity leads to overtopping of water from the crest of the upstream cofferdam and sides of the diversion canal, which is regarded as the dominant risk mode in the system. A dynamic reliability model, which is based on a resistance-loading methodology with random independent loading following a Poisson process and random fixed resistance, may...
In plane seismic strengthening of brick masonry walls using rebars
Erdoğdu, Murat; Türer, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (2008)
About half of the total building stock in Turkey is masonry type building. Masonry buildings in Turkey, especially in rural areas, are constructed without any engineering knowledge mostly by their own residents. They generally have heavy roofs. Masonry type buildings also have thick and heavy wall materials. Heavy roof and wall material generate large inertial forces in the case of an earthquake. Brittle failure of walls leads to total failure of whole system followed by sudden collapse of heavy roof. The a...
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