Reisnerr-Nordstrom Spacetime Geometry: Derivation of the Euler and Burgers Models

A relativistic generalization of the Euler and Burgers models have recently been introduced and analyzed both theoretically and numerically. In this work we extend these analysis to a particular type of the Lorentzian manifold, so called the Reissnerr-Nordström (RS) spacetime geometry. We introduce basic properties of the R-S spacetime and its metric components containing electrical charge term which distinguish the R-S spacetime from the Schwarzshild geometry. Furthermore, we present a derivation of the Euler and Burgers models for a 1+1 dimensional R-S geometry with some numerical results.
16th International Geometry Symposium , Manisa Celal Bayar University, Manisa-TURKEY


Finite volume method for the relativistic burgers model on a (1+1)-Dimensional de sitter spacetime
Ceylan, Tuba; Okutmuştur, Baver (2016-05-10)
Several generalizations of the relativistic models of Burgers equations have recently been established and developed on different spacetime geometries. In this work, we take into account the de Sitter spacetime geometry, introduce our relativistic model by a technique based on the vanishing pressure Euler equations of relativistic compressible fluids on a (1+1)-dimensional background and construct a second order Godunov type finite volume scheme to examine numerical experiments within an analysis of the cos...
Relativistic Burgers Models on Curved Background Geometries
Okutmuştur, Baver (Springer-Verlag, 2019-01-01)
Relativistic Burgers model and its generalization to various spacetime geometries are recently studied both theoretically and numerically. The numeric implementation is based on finite volume and finite difference approximation techniques designed for the corresponding model on the related geometry. In this work, we provide a summaryof several versions of these models on the Schwarzschild, de Sitter, Schwarzschild-de Sitter, FLRW and Reissner-Nordstr¨om spacetime geometries with their particular properties.
Finite volume approximation of the relativistic Burgers equation on a Schwarzschild-(anti-)de Sitter spacetime
Ceylan, Tuba; Okutmuştur, Baver (2017-01-01)
The relativistic versions of Burgers equations on the Schwarzschild, FLRW, and de Sitter backgrounds have recently been derived and analyzed numerically via finite volume approximation based on the concerned models. In this work, we derive there lativistic Burgers equation on a Schwarzschild-(anti-)de Sitter spacetime and introduce a second-order Godunov-type finite volume scheme for the approximation of discontinuous solutions to the model of interest. The effect of the cosmological constantis also taken i...
Derivation of the relativistic burgers equation on a de sitter background
Okutmuştur, Baver (null; 2014-12-17)
Recently several versions of relativistic Burgers equations have been derived on different spacetime geometries by the help of Lorentz invariance property and the Euler system of relativistic compressible flows on the related backgrounds. The concerning equations on Minkowski (flat) and Schwarzshild spacetimes are obtained in the article [6] where the finite volume approximations and numerical calculations of the given models are presented in detail. On the other hand a similar work on the Friedmann–Lemaˆıt...
Lefloch, Philippe G.; Makhlof, Hasan; Okutmuştur, Baver (2012-01-01)
Within the class of nonlinear hyperbolic balance laws posed on a curved spacetime (endowed with a volume form), we identify a hyperbolic balance law that enjoys the same Lorentz invariance property as the one satisfied by the Euler equations of relativistic compressible fluids. This model is unique up to normalization and converges to the standard inviscid Burgers equation in the limit of infinite light speed. Furthermore, from the Euler system of relativistic compressible flows on a curved background, we d...
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