An Approach to Determine Exchange Information Requirements(EIR) for Metro Projects in Turkey

Doğu, Defne
Kaş, Serhat
Akçamete Güngör, Aslı
The paper represents a framework that can be followed while adopting Exchange Information Requirements for metro projects in Turkey. In contrast to the universal trend of implementing Building Information Model initially to superstructure projects, Turkey brought an obligation of BIM use for the first time in a metro project. Since 2014, metro projects tendered in Turkey, primarily in İstanbul, are BIM-mandated public projects. However, Employers have not yet developed organization-wide holistic standards to ensure delivered project will qualify their expectations. EIR define the requirements of the Employer regarding the content, delivery, and management of project related information including the roles and responsibilities of involved parties, applicable standards and milestones along the project lifecycle. It should clarify technical, commercial, and managerial aspects at different phases of a project. As each stakeholder is expected to be in full compliance with the document, EIR is fundamental for an Employer to ensure an efficient utilization of BIM methodology in accordance with a defined international BIM Standard, such as ISO19650. This paper aims to describe the aspects that should be included in EIR of metro projects in Turkey by analyzing similar EIR implementations around the world within the scope of international BIM Standard ISO 19650.
6th International Project and Construction Management Conference (e-IPCMC2020) Istanbul Technical University, (12-14 November 2020)


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