Darbeli Kırmataş Kolonlar® (DKK) ile İyileştirilen Liman Sahasında Alan Yükleme Deneyi İle Oturma Davranışının Gözlemlenmesine İlişkin Vaka Analizi

Within the confines of this paper, a comparative assessment of the estimated and monitored settlements of container port site is presented. The site was improved by Impact Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) System. The main goal of the in-situ soil improvement was defined as to establish a homogeneous rigid crust beneath the foundation. This crust layer is believed to improve soil liquefaction resistance and reduce the settlements under static and seismic loading. Additionally, the differential settlements are to be reduced by improving the foundation soils with rigid RAP elements, installed down to 6.0m-18.0m depths at the site. The site specific performance was monitored by modulus load tests and extensometers, inclinometers, pore pressure transducers installed before the placement of trial embankment. It was concluded that after the installation of RAP elements, the settlement of the site was observed to be uniform, and total and differential settlements were significantly decreased
7. Geoteknik Sempozyumu


Geo yapıların Duraylılık Değerlendirmelerine Esas Sismik k Katsayısının Seçimi
Çetin, Kemal Önder (null; 2015-05-15)
Within the scope of this paper, seismic assessment stages followed during the design and performance assessments of geo-structures will be presented. Some of these stages involve i) seismic hazard assessments, ii) pseudo-static stability evaluations and the determination of seismic coefficient k, iii) allowable permanent deformations, which will be discussed herein, with the emphasis in similarities and differences in available national and international codes, regulations and guidelines. For earthfill and ...
Collapse mechanism of the Antalya Tufa deposits
Dipova, Nihat; Doyuran, Vedat; Ergun, M. Ufuk; Department of Geological Engineering (2002)
This research aims assessment of collapse mechanism of Antalya Tufa deposits. Antalya city has settled on tufa deposits. However, it was named as travertine previously, deposition in cool water regime and biogenic origin, imply that use of tufa term is more appropriate. At the end of the eighties, the area behind the Antalya tufa cliffs started to be occupied by buildings. However, some of these high-rise buildings suffer from foundation instabilities. Cracking and fissuration of the walls and overall tilti...
Development of risk based soil quality standards for Turkey
İpek, Hatice Meltem; Ünlü, Kahraman; Department of Environmental Engineering (2011)
Soil quality standards (SQSs) are one of the most important elements of management system for contaminated sites. In order to manage risks associated with soil contamination, risk based SQSs are used worldwide. However, in Turkey, the Soil Pollution Control Regulation in force was focusing mainly on the use of stabilized sludge on soil and was including standards for a limited number of parameters, mainly metals and some organic chemicals. Thus, existing SQSs were far away from providing common criteria for...
A Soil improvement case study using rammed stone column systems
Beşler, Osman Fatih; Bakır, Bahadır Sadık; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Nowadays, the rammed stone columns and similar systems are used worldwide more and more frequently as an economical way for improvement of the foundation soils. The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the rammed stone column system by predicting settlements and bearing capacity increase through evaluation of failure mechanisms of reinforced soil layers loaded in compression. Conventional approaches of design are compared with the results of finite element models using softwar...
An Effective and efficient R&D funding mechanism: an evaluation study on prioritized R&D grant program (1003) of TUBİTAK
Gürbüz, Mürüvvet Kübra; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Economics (2018)
This thesis aims to detect differences in the features of the proposed and supported projects for different priority technology areas (PTAs) of the TUBITAK 1003 Prioritized Areas R&D Grant Program together with the measurement and comparison of output, input and behavioral additionality of the supported projects. Within the scope of this thesis, firstly, descriptive statistics of program indicators including calls, projects, funds and outputs is analyzed. Then, relationship between output amount and the cha...
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