Management and Remediation of Poılluted Soils



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Management responses to non-indigenous species in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in the face of climate change
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Management of disalination brine in Qatar and the GCC countries
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Reliance on desalinated water has been ever-increasing due to increase in population and over-exploitation of natural fresh water resources. Desalination process produces fresh water at the expense of natural environment. Desalination waste, known as brine, is the major pollutant of seawater. However, there has not been a unique brine management technology that could work effectively everywhere. Therefore, effective processes are required to treat and manage the brine specific to the desalination plants. In...
Management strategies for the Lower Seyhan catchment
Onur, AK; Ekemen, E; Soyupak, S; Yurteri, C (1999-01-01)
The Seyhan river has a total catchment area of 20,731 km(2) with major pollution sources located downstream of the Seyhan Dam in Adana. The so-called Lower Seyhan, is under the threat of nor only domestic and industrial wastewater discharges originating from the metropolitan area of Adana, but also agricultural wastes of the fertile Cukurova Plain. In this study, the present and future water qualify characteristics of the Lower Seyhan have been investigated by means of a mathematical modelling study based o...
Treatment of brewery wastes.
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