Devlet fabrikaya girince Kapitalist devlet ve emek süreçleri



Mechanisms for the bourgeois hold of state power and the case of Turkey
Selçuk, Fatma Ülkü; Tokluoğlu, Ayşe Ceylan; Department of Sociology (2007)
This thesis attempts to stress the decisiveness of armed force for the capitalist hold of state power and that only if a multi-level analytical framework is adopted a fuller account of the reality can be given with reference to the capitalist hold of state power. After laying the methodological and theoretical grounds for a multi-level analysis along with the privilege of armed force as the factor enabling the state power, it concretizes the multi-level analytical framework in the context of Turkey. It driv...
State, labor and crisis : the 1989-1995 period in Turkey
Arslan, Hakan; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2006)
This thesis is an intendedly critical, non-deterministic/non-reductionist, and, a tentatively theoretical, post-disciplinary narrative of the class struggles in Turkey over the period of 1989-1995. Much of the argumentation draws upon a critical reading of the corporatist literature, and, radical Political Economy, specifically focusing upon Marx’s theory of distribution. Distribution is seen as, inter alia, a moment of production, as production-determined distribution. Wages and profits are argued to be de...
Trapped in between state, market and family: experiences of moderately educated divorced and widow women
Gedik, Esra; Ecevit, Fatma Yıldız; Department of Sociology (2015)
In this study, my main purpose is to grasp how women whose marriage is ended up either by divorce or the loss of the husband experience the life after marital dissolution as widows and a divorced women. My basic argument is that widowed and divorced women are trapped in between family, market and state; and that gender based, family oriented patriarchal society and social policies do not allow these women to live their life the way they want and to stand on their own feet; but make them lean on their famili...
Devlet kaynaklı teknolojik gelişme: girişimci devlet ve doğurgan devlet
Akçomak, İbrahim Semih (İletişim Yayınları , 2020-11-01)
Ombudsman as an agent between state and society
Değirmencioğlu, Kadir Özhan; Üstüner, Mustafa Yılmaz; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2018)
Ombudsman is a worldwide institution in charge of public or private sectors for mediation. Some countries use this office to solve micro problems and some in macro. Despite the fact that Ombudsman is as an exceptional institution in terms of traditional separation of powers principle, it is generally taken as an ordinary part of executive or auditing. This tendency is refused due to Ombudsman’s institutional character which is claimed to be named as powerless chief. Moreover, the dichotomy of public adminis...
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