Conversation Analytic Look into an EFL class: Instruction Giving as a Collaborative Task Accomplished by the Teacher and the Students

Balıkçı, Gözde
Seferoğlu, Gölge


Discourse Information Structure : a cognitive approach to language based on dynamic network representation
Öter, Fırat; Temürcü, Ceyhan; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2015)
The historical course of linguistics studies with an emphasis on meaning points out the requirement of a representational framework that is capable of forming a structure building bridge between the linguistic (i.e. symbolic) and cognitive (i.e. conceptual) levels. The present thesis aims to lay down some conditions for a comprehensive semantic theory, which is capable of representing all relevant levels of cognitive information involved in semantic processing. This attempt will give rise to a new, suggesti...
Discourse Meaning: The View from Turkish
Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz; Özge, Umut (Mouton de Gruyter, 2020-05-01)
The volume aims to bring together original, unpublished papers on discourse structure and meaning from different frameworks or theoretical perspectives to address research questions revolving around issues instigated by Turkish. Another goal is to offer methodologically different solutions for the research gaps identified in individual chapters. The contributions are based on empirical generalizations and make use of, for example, computerized corpora as the data, examples compiled from naturally occurring ...
Referring expressions in communication through line graphs A comparative analysis of verbal descriptions
Acartürk, Cengiz (2015-11-01)
Communication or Introspection? Marlow's Aims as Narrator in Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim
Korkut Naykı, Nil (2004-01-01)
Experience reflection modelling as a generative research method in an educational case for sustainable product design
Turhan, Senem; Doğan, Çağla (2014-01-01)
A generative research method, namely Experience Reflection Modelling (ERM), has been developed aimed at helping students explore and reflect upon design considerations for sustainability in the idea generation phase of a design process. ERM has been integrated into a product design for sustainability project as part of the design education in the Department of Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University. This paper begins by providing an overview of the generative research approach, explaining its...
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