Global innovation system and education

International Conference on Economics, Turkish Economic Association, ICE-TEA 2018, (01 - 03 Kasım 2018)


Global Innovation System Design: G20 as a Playground
Erdil, Erkan (2020-06-01)
Global citizenship and the global city
Öztemel, Özlem; Yeğen, Mesut; Department of Sociology (2003)
In the last two decades, the accelerated global developments in economic, cultural and socio-political era have affected the constitution of citizenship which has been defined in accordance with nation. Therefore, this thesis analyses the debate on global citizenship around the issue of the state of citizenship under the conditions of global city. This thesis focuses on the question 'who is (not) the citizen' or 'who act as citizen' in the space of global cities. In other words, it questions how and by whom...
Bacınoğlu, Baran Tan; Uysal, Elif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2021-9-1)
This thesis considers data transmission scenarios where timeliness of information transmission, or adapting to intermittently available resources is important. The first part of the thesis focuses on energy harvesting communication systems. For such systems, energy efficient scheduling algorithms that achieve certain throughput maximization and data freshness objectives are developed. The second part of the thesis considers data transmission for the purpose of tracking unstable sources through noisy channels. ...
Contemporary ethical and educational challenges conflicts and complexities for planners
Tuna, Tasan Kok; Babalık, Ela; Mark, Oranje; Elsona, Van Huyssteen (2015-07-13)
Global development of textile and apparel industry in the aftermath of agreement on textile and clothing (1995)
Öztürk, Barış; Yalvaç, Faruk; Department of International Relations (2012)
With signing of Agreement on Textile and Clothing which entered into force in 1995, it was decided to abolish quantity limitations applied by the developed countries since the second half of 20th century. By this way, restrictions in the developed country markets against the developing countries would be lifted gradually in a ten year period and the liberalization in textile and clothing markets would be realized from 2005 onwards. This would provide smooth access to major markets for all the developing and...
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