A micromechanically based multi-scale model for semi-crystalline polymers



A functionally graded multi-phase micromechanical model for carbon nanotube-polymer composites
Taç, Vahidullah; Gürses, Ercan (null; 2018-11-02)
A Hybrid Simulation Model for Electromagnetic Launchers including the Transient Inductance and Electromotive Force
Tosun, Nail; Polat, Hakan; Ceylan, Doga; Karagoz, Mustafa; Yildirim, Baran; Gungen, Ibrahim; Keysan, Ozan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-09-01)
Although electromagnetic launchers (EMLs) are superior to classical gun-powder-based launchers, they have to withstand extreme electrical and mechanical conditions. Therefore, the optimal design and precise simulations of these devices are crucial. In this article, a new simulation strategy for EMLs is proposed in order to achieve high accuracy and reduced complexity. The inductance and electromotive force (EMF) variations in the transient, which have a considerable influence on the launch process, are mode...
A Finite element model for partially restrained steel beam to column connections
Köseoğlu, Ahmet; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
In the analyses of steel framed structures it is customary to assume the beam to column connections as either fully rigid which means that all moments are transferred from beam to column with negligible rotation or ideally pinned that resists negligible moment. This assumption is reasonable for some types of connections. However when considering steel connections such as bolted-bolted double web angle connections it can be seen that the behavior of these connections is in between the two extreme cases. Thus...
A Model Based Approach for Sensor Fault Detection in Civil Aircraft Control Surface
Sercekman, O.; Kutay, Ali Türker (2018-04-26)
A model-based fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) solution improves the capability in a civil aircraft control surface whereas having low complexity and computational requirements. The main objective of the FDD. techniques that are extensively applied in industrial systems is to increase the sensitivity of fault detection scheme while maintaining a reliable system response with respect to additional unknown inputs. In the paper, a reformative approach to an observer-based fault detection method is introduce...
A fractional calculus based viscoelastic material model for soft biological tissues and its finite element application
Demirci, Nagehan; Tönük, Ergin (null; 2011-10-15)
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