Characterization of Multilayered Conductive Films Produced by Multiple Transfer Printing Graphene onto Ultra-Thin PVC Foil

Inkaya, Uğur
Çelik, Kübra
Oral, Ahmet
Having high charge carrier mobility and superior elastic properties, graphene is a very suitable material for flexible electronics. However, it is usually desired to remove and prevent unintentional doping due to wet processes used for transfer printing of graphene. Although it does not produce a graphene film as smooth as an exfoliated graphene sheet transferred onto SiO2/Si wafer, dry transfer of graphene could be favored for applications that do not require very high charge carrier mobility. In addition, controlling the number of layers in synthesizing multilayer graphene will be an ability of great importance for applications involving resistances lower and charge carrier densities higher than that of single layer graphene. We developed a method for making multilayered graphene-based conductive films on 75μm-thick PVC film. The graphene is synthesized via atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) on 20μm-thick copper foils. After forming the Cu/graphene/PVC stack via lamination by hot rollers, selective etching with aqueous FeCl3 solution is provided by hydrophobic permanent marker ink deposited onto the parts of the copper layer to become contact pads. The multilayered conductive films can be obtained by iterative application of this scheme in which the selective etching is applied after the last lamination. The conductive film based on single layer graphene manifested sheet resistances of the order of 1 kΩ and Hall coefficients of up to 1200 Ω/T, and withstood current density greater than 1.9 x 109 A/m2. The resistance and Hall coefficient values were found to decrease with increase in the number of layers. Our method could be used as a platform for proof-of-concept works aiming to demonstrate graphene’s potential for flexible electronics. The structural, thermal, and electronic characterization of the multilayered graphene-based conductive films on the PVC film is to be presented.
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U. Inkaya, K. Çelik, and A. Oral, “Characterization of Multilayered Conductive Films Produced by Multiple Transfer Printing Graphene onto Ultra-Thin PVC Foil,” presented at the MRS 2017 Fall Meeting (30 Kasım 2017), Boston, MA, USA, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: