Mimar Sinan'dan Öğrenmek: Cami Tasarımında Özgünlük Arayışına Yanıtlar

Architecture, Islamic' Architecture, History of Ottoman Art and Architecture, - Architecture history, Ottoman art and architecture, History of architecture, Traditional Architecture, Mimarlik Tarihi, Klasik Osmanlı Cami Mimarisi, Cami Mimarisi, Ottoman Heritage Art and Architecture, Mimari, Geleneksel Mimari, Mimari Tasarım, Medieval Islamic and Turco-Iranian world, Mongol world empire, Seljuk, Mongol, post-Mongol, and Ottoman Anatolia (1200-1500), Comparative empire, frontier, and political culture, Persian and Ottoman Turkish historical writing
1. Ulusal Cami Mimarisi Sempozyumu, ( 2 - 05 Ekim 2012)


Bizans Ankarası Ve Kaybolan Bir Kültür Mirası: ‘St. Clement’ Kilisesi
Serin, Ufuk (2014-01-01)
This paper intends to re-investigate the so-called church of St. Clement in Ankara, in terms of topography, architecture and art history, within the historical context of Byzantine Ankara. It also aims to discuss and interpret certain aspects of this building, which often remained outside the context of those conventional typological and chronological considerations, and thus attempts to restore the history of this church, and its possible building phases, in the light of archaeological and textual evidence...
Understanding the construction technique of Mimar Sinan’s buildings: the case of Lüleburgaz Sokullu Mehmed Paşa Mosque
Etyemez Çıplak, Leyla; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman; Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Department of Architecture (2017)
This dissertation constructs a comprehensive understanding of the construction techniques applied and developed by Mimar Sinan, which underlie the structural characteristics of 16th century Ottoman Architecture. Conducting a research into the literature on Classical Ottoman Architecture and Mimar Sinan’s buildings, the study distinguishes Sokullu Mehmed Paşa Menzil Complexes in Lüleburgaz, Havsa and Payas among the buildings and complexes as known to be designed by Mimar Sinan. It focuses on the mosques of ...
An analysis of Architect Sinan's late period mosques
Katipoğlu, Ceren; Erzen, Jale Adile; Department of History of Architecture (2007)
This thesis focuses on the late period mosques of architect Sinan in terms of their structural systems, the relation with their environment, and the identities of their patrons. The links amongst the role of the patron, his or her status in the state, materials used in the mosques, location choice and the spatial distribution of the mosques are researched on the bases of these six late period mosques of Sinan. In this perspective, the social background of the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century is the f...
An investigation on the water supply and drainage systems of historical turkish baths
Dişli, Gülşen; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Department of Architecture (2008)
Historical Turkish baths still keeping their functional systems represent their original architectural and building technologies. Studies on the functional systems of historical baths are therefore needed to discover such technologies and to maintain them in working order. This study was conducted on a 15th century historical Turkish bath, Şengül Hamamı, in Ankara for assessment of its water supply and drainage systems. These systems comprised of hot and cold-water supply, wastewater and rainwater drainage,...
Female patronage in classical Ottoman Architecture: five case studies in İstanbul
Sümertaş, Firuzan Melike; Özgenel, Lale; Department of History of Architecture (2006)
The aim of this thesis is to discuss and illustrate the visibility of Ottoman imperial women in relation to their spatial presence and contribution to the architecture and cityscape of sixteenth and seventeenth century İstanbul. The central premise of the study is that the Ottoman imperial women assumed and exercised power and influence by various means but became publicly visible and acknowledged more through architectural patronage. The focus is on İstanbul and a group of buildings and complexes built und...
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