An Experimental Study of the Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Laws

Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur
Kıbrıs, Arzu
Kıbrıs, Özgür


An experimental study of the investment implications of bankruptcy laws
Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur; Kibris, Arzu; KIBRIS, ÖZGÜR (2019-02-01)
In bankruptcy laws, proportionality is the universal norm when allocating the liquidation value of a bankrupt firm among creditors. The theoretical literature on bankruptcy proposes two prominent alternatives to proportionality: the equal awards and the equal losses principles. We use an experiment to analyze and compare actual creditor behavior under these three principles. More specifically, we test the following hypotheses: replacing proportionality with equal losses increases total investment while repl...
An Experimental Study of Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Laws
Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur; Kıbrıs, Arzu; Kıbrıs, Özgür (2015-11-26)
An Experimental Study Of Evaluation In Building Design
Çakın, Şahap (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1976)
The study reported here is aimed at gaining an insight into the relationships between the quality of information presented to architects and non-architects on design alternatives, their professional training and the level of agreement in "choice" situations. Beginning with earlier studies on concepts such as judgement and evaluation in design, we shall dwell on background studies related to the quality of information, its complexity and the role of architectural training on preferences.
An experimental study on combustion instabilities
Serin, Nadir; Göğüş, Yalçın; Department of Aeronautical Engineering (1993)
An investigation of the effects of routing flexibility on the manufacturing system
Kuş, Elif; Güllü, Refik; Department of Industrial Engineering (1996)
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