An Experimental Study of Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Laws

Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur
Kıbrıs, Arzu
Kıbrıs, Özgür


An Experimental Study of the Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Laws
Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur; Kıbrıs, Arzu; Kıbrıs, Özgür (2015-07-04)
An experimental study of the investment implications of bankruptcy laws
Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur; Kibris, Arzu; KIBRIS, ÖZGÜR (2019-02-01)
In bankruptcy laws, proportionality is the universal norm when allocating the liquidation value of a bankrupt firm among creditors. The theoretical literature on bankruptcy proposes two prominent alternatives to proportionality: the equal awards and the equal losses principles. We use an experiment to analyze and compare actual creditor behavior under these three principles. More specifically, we test the following hypotheses: replacing proportionality with equal losses increases total investment while repl...
An Experimental Study on the Reliability of COSMIC Measurement Results
Ungan, Erdir; Demirörs, Onur; Top, Ozden Ozcan; Ozkan, Baris (2009-11-06)
In this paper, we present the results of a functional software size measurement experiment. We have conducted this experiment to analyze variances in functional software size measurement results among individuals. We aimed to isolate the factors that cause these variances. At the end of the study, statistical results are displayed. Common measurement problems were presented including their causes. And finally factors leading to discrepancies were identified based on these findings.
An Experimental study on static and dynamic behaviour of model pile foundations
Ünsever, Yeşim Sema; Özkan, M. Yener; Department of Civil Engineering (2015)
When the subsoil beneath a structure is weak to carry the loads from the superstructure, use of piled foundations is one of the widely employed alternatives. These types of foundations may also be subjected to transient or cyclic lateral loads arising from earthquake, wind, etc. Detailed case histories of dynamically loaded pile foundations are not too many in the literature. In this study, a series of static cyclic horizontal load tests and 1-g shaking table tests on various model foundations, such as pile...
An Empirical Study of Software Reuse and Q uality in an Industrial Setting
Deniz, Berkhan; Bilgen, Semih (2014-07-03)
Software reuse is known to be generally effective in reducing development and maintenance time and cost as well as increasing quality. In this paper, the effects of reuse on software quality in an industrial setting are empirically investigated within the framework of three different case studies. Throughout this study, we worked with Turkey's leading defense industry company Aselsan's software engineering department. We collected and calculated reuse and quality metrics as well as performance measures of i...
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