Reliability of Dragline’s Subsystems

Systems are functional mechanisms, intending to perform a specific task in a defined time period. During the operations of systems, it is encountered with the imperative shutdowns due to external and internal considerations. Retrospective data covering the causes of the shutdowns and their durations can help to predict the time-dependent reliability amounts of the system, detect the critical parts, and improve the maintenance and repair plans. Reliability analyses, especially common at the industries in need of minimum malfunction such as aeronautics and space industry, are also utilized in the excavation machines in mining industry with an increasing trend. This study contains the methodology to determine the reliabilities of dragline's subsystems, and so, to find the overall reliability of dragline. For this reason, recent data belonging to dragline were classified according to its subsystems; reliability calculations were performed using general renewal process.
23rd International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey, IMCET 2013, (16 April 2013 through 19 April 2013)


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