Enerji Depolama Sistemlerinin Farklı Kullanım Zamanlarının Elektrik Sistemine Olan Etkisi

Sezgin, Mustafa Erdem
Güdelek, Mehmet Uğur
Arın, Efe
Çırak, Cem Recai
Göl, Murat


Enerji Depolama Sistemlerinin Farklı Kullanım Zamanlarının Elektrik Sistemine Olan Etkisi
Sezgin, Mustafa Erdem; Güdelek, Mehmet Uğur; Arın, Efe; Çırak, Cem Recai; Göl, Murat (2018-09-01)
Investigation of structural and electrochemical properties of biomass based activated carbon materials for energy storage applications
Köse, Kadir Özgün; Aydınol, Mehmet Kadri; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2017)
Finding new energy sources and efficient ways for energy storage is one of the primary goals in both scientific and industrial research. To achieve this purpose, studies are concentrated on optimizing the characteristics of energy storage devices such as batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors. Activated carbon (AC), beside its versatile application areas including wastewater and gas treatment, is used as electrodes in electrical double layer capacitors and as cathode in metal air batteries due to its hig...
Pricing power derivatives: electricity swing options
Aydın, Nadi Serhan; Yıldırak, Şahap Kasırga; Department of Financial Mathematics (2010)
The Swing options are the natural outcomes of the increasing uncertainty in the power markets, which came along with the deregulation process triggered by the UK government’s action in 1990 to privatize the national electricity supply industry. Since then, the ways of handling the risks in the price generation process have been explored extensively. Producer-consumers of the power market felt confident as they were naturally hedged against the price fluctuations surrounding the large consumers. Companies wi...
Low voltage integrated charge pump circuits for energy harvesting applications
Pathirana, Walive Pathiranage Manula Randhika; Muhtaroğlu, Ali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2014-7)
Two different low voltage integrated charge pump circuit topologies are studied in this thesis for energy harvesting applications. The circuits are implemented in 0.18 μm standard CMOS technology without the use of off-chip magnetic components and non-standard processes, and are thus suitable for low profile (small and low cost) system-on-chip applications. In the first proposed design, operation at low input voltage (~240 mV) is achieved with a 5-stage subthreshold first stage oscillator, which improves th...
Enerji Verimliliği Perspektifinden Türk İnşaat Sektörüne Bakış
Mohammadi, Sahra; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Dikmen Toker, İrem (2016-11-05)
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M. E. Sezgin, M. U. Güdelek, E. Arın, C. R. Çırak, and M. Göl, “Enerji Depolama Sistemlerinin Farklı Kullanım Zamanlarının Elektrik Sistemine Olan Etkisi,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: http://www.emo.org.tr/ekler/70940d9ca239f3a_ek.pdf.