Russia as the Motherland Russian Diaspora and Tatars in Crimea Turkish Perception



Russian Diaspora and the politics of Russian Nationalism in the Post Soviet Era
Değirmen, Burcu Fadime; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of International Relations (2008)
This thesis examines how Russian political elites and intellectuals have approached the issues of Russian nation and diaspora since 1991. This thesis observes that while Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin claim to advocate a civic definition of a nation in the boundaries of Russia; they extend the definition of Russian nation to cover the ‘Russian diaspora’ as well. This thesis argues that the inclusion of the term Russian diaspora in Russian discourse of nationalism has paved the way for developing a consens...
Russian Historiography on the Battle of Sarykamysh
Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe (2014-11-01)
Europe's Global Role: External Policies of the European Union
Kahraman, Sevilay (Wiley, 2010-01-01)
Secularism Under Threat Radical Islam in Central Asia
Köksal, Pınar (2004-09-11)
Nano structural metal nano composites: synthesis, structural and thermal characterization
Orhan, Tuğba; Kayran, H. Ceyhan; Department of Chemistry (2009)
Recently, the use of block copolymers in preparation of nanocomposites has received great attention as they form well-defined micelles. In this work, the synthesis of different metal functional copolymers, nano structural metal composites and investigation of their reaction mechanism and thermal characteristics by pyrolysis mass spectroscopy have been aimed. Namely, polyisoprene-block-poly2vinylpyridine, (PI-b-P2VP) and poly2vinylpyridine-block-polymetylmethacrylate, (PMMA-b-P2VP) were used as block copolym...
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