A novel flight control algorithm for multicopters

A new nonlinear control algorithm is proposed for multi-copter type vertical takeoff vehicles. The algorithm uses linear controllers for the position control in the outer loop. The inner loop attitude control is carried out using quaternion representation. The necessary thrust vector requirements of the position control are converted to inner loop as attitude control commands. The inner loop uses a Lyapunov function based attitude controller utilizing the to-go quaternion calculated from thrust vector commands. The yaw commands are also added to the to-go quaternion to realize the attitude control in one step.
Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, 2016


Development of an autopilot for automatic landing of an unmanned aerial vehicle
Arıbal, Seçkin; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
This thesis presents the design of an autopilot and guidance system for an unmanned aerial vehicle. Classical (PID) and modern control (LQT, Sliding Mode) methods for autonomous navigation and landing in adverse weather conditions are implemented. Two different guidance systems are designed in order to navigate through waypoints during normal and/or emergency flight. The nonlinear Pioneer UAV model is used in controller development and simulations. Aircraft is linearized at different trim points and total a...
A Computationally Efficient Appearance-Based Algorithm for Geospatial Object Detection
Arslan, Duygu; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2012-04-27)
A computationally efficient appearance-based algorithm for geospatial object detection is presented and evaluated specifically for aircraft detection from satellite imagery. An aircraft operator exploiting the edge information via gray level differences between the aircraft and its background is constructed with Haar-like polygon regions by using the shape information of the aircraft as an invariant. Fast evaluation of the aircraft operator is achieved by means of integral image. Rotated integral images are...
Nonlinear Guidance of Aircraft Formations
Tekinalp, Ozan (null; 2015-01-05)
Nonlinear formation flight control algorithm for a pair of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is proposed. The leader-follower approach to formation flight is adopted. The leader maintains a prescribed trajectory while the follower is controlled to track and maintain a fixed relative distance from its leader. Two nonlinear guidance algorithms, Lyapunov and State Dependent Ricatti Equation, (SDRE) based are proposed for the relative guidance of the follower UAV. The resulting formation control systems are tested...
Modelling of an articulated flying body and control system design
Güzelcan, Burçin Tutku; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-12-5)
This study presents the conceptual design of an articulated coaxial rotor Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) with three-dimensional dynamical models and a control strategy. Conventional rotary-wing aircrafts operate maneuvers via swashplates which is a complex mechanism adding bulky elements to the aircrafts. While designing light weight UAVs, there appears a need for less complex and compact mechanisms for maneuverability rather than swashplates. There are different methods and mechanisms to acquire maneuvering wi...
Designing autopilot and guidance algorithms to control translational and rotational dynamics of a fixed wing VTOL UAV
Güçlü, Anı; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2020)
Guidance and autopilot algorithms are designed and applied to a fixed wing VTOL air vehicle. The algorithms are developed on a rotary wing and a fixed air vehicle. Each air vehicle is identified by experimentation to reduce the discrepancies among the system model and the actual air vehicles. Designed controllers for the air vehicles are deployed to Pixhawk Cube controller board. Indoor and outdoor flight tests are carried out. For the rotary wing air vehicle, active disturbance rejection control algorithms...
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