Bir mimarlık eleştirisi ortamı olarak sosyal medya

The Limits of Social Media as a Medium of Architectural CriticismArchitectural criticism gains a plurality with reference to its cultural domains and forms. Popular culture is one of these alternative cultural domains. Social media which gainedan immense acceleration after 2010 became one of the most dominant representative mediums of popular culture. Architecture as a wide umbrella of commodification is inevitably a subject of attraction for social media like other mediums of culture and communication. Architectural products and evaluations which are represented in this medium are directly or indirectly influential on architectural practice and establishes a ground for an alternative form of architectural criticism as well as alternative values. This article tries to understand the limits of social media as a medium of architectural criticism.


Web as a system of architectural organization: Frankfurt-Römerberg competition project
Beşeli, Heves; Gür, Berin Fatma; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2009)
The aim of this thesis is to reveal the potentials of “Web” as a system of achitectural organization. This concept developed by Georges Candilis, Alexis Josic, and Shadrach Woods can be seen as a product of the discourse arose in 1960s, which concieves the city as a continuous and dynamic structure rather than a static entity composed of individual buildings. In this sense, Web appears as a system of architectural organization that responds to this dynamism by enabling growth and change. In this thesis, Fra...
The boulevard as a communication tool; Atatürk Boulevard
Kesim, Berk; Barlas, Mehmet Adnan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2009)
The main concern of this thesis is examining the affects and causes of traffic oriented design on the social generation of boulevards in terms of communication. For this purpose, boulevard concept and its historical evaluation are explained. In addition, communication is used as a tool for understanding, combining and examining the social and technical structure of boulevard. In this respect, this thesis aims to explore the boulevard concept with the spatial communication measures. To provide empirical evid...
Home as a 'place' : the making of domestic space at Yeşiltepe Blocks, Ankara
Çapoğlu, Nazan; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2008)
The aim of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive look over the domestic space in the scope of the case study held in Ankara. The key notion of the evaluation is that home is a ‘place’ and it can not be evaluated comprehensively when abstracted and degraded into classifications of size, location, cost, or generalized user profile, without considering its place-specific qualities and the experience of its users. Starting from this point, the thesis provides a detailed observation and documentation of the ...
Grasping The Discursivity In Istanbul, Yeldeğirmeni
Karababa , Avşar (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2021-6-30)
The aim of this paper is to scrutinize the transformation in Istanbul, Yeldeğirmeni, for understanding and interpreting the notion of culture within the context of globalisation. Yeldeğirmeni is a historic neighbourhood of Istanbul, which is close to both public transportation routes and thriving nightlife and entertainment centre of Kadiköy district. In 2010, local-government-initiated urban regeneration project founded on arts and cultural activities, triggered the transformation in Yeldeğirmeni, which at...
A critical analysis of the Arab Spring: Case studies of Tunisia and Egypt
Abdulsattar, Tammam Omer; Aydın, Zulkuf; Political Science and International Relations (2015-9)
Arab Spring is a political concept that spread widely in the media and academic art publications. This concept is used as an indication to a wide range of uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region during the past two years; which started in Tunisia and swept through Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria. However, when looking closely at what happened, we see that there is a misusage of the concept of Arab Spring in describing the uprising. In its current usage the concept does not have a...
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