Web as a system of architectural organization: Frankfurt-Römerberg competition project

Beşeli, Heves
The aim of this thesis is to reveal the potentials of “Web” as a system of achitectural organization. This concept developed by Georges Candilis, Alexis Josic, and Shadrach Woods can be seen as a product of the discourse arose in 1960s, which concieves the city as a continuous and dynamic structure rather than a static entity composed of individual buildings. In this sense, Web appears as a system of architectural organization that responds to this dynamism by enabling growth and change. In this thesis, Frankfurt-Römerberg Competition Project by Candilis-Josic-Woods (CJW) is analyzed to understand the potential of Web in organizing both physical and social relations. Revealing the potentials of Web requires examination of other concepts introduced by Candilis-Josic-Woods. Therefore, the relationship between Web and its sources (casbah and bidonville) and precedents (habitat évolutif and Stem) will be constructed. In order to construct this relation and to understand how Web operates as a system of architectural organization, the components and design acts of Web as well as its potentials will be analyzed in the case of Frankfurt-Römerberg Project. In doing so, the project will be seen as the main prototype of Web. The thesis will also put emphasis on habitat évolutif as the main idea behind Web. It will be argued that habitat évolutif evolved into Web with the help of stem as a connecting element.


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H. Beşeli, “Web as a system of architectural organization: Frankfurt-Römerberg competition project ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.