Design and implementation of a microcontroller based automatic dispenser.

Anıl, Eren


Design and construction of a microprocessor based automatic cold cutting controller.
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Design and implementation of a microprocessor based discrete fourier transform processor using wniograd's fourier transform algorithm.
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design and implementation of a two-axes linear positioning system for rapid prototyping applications
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In this study, a two axes linear positioning system for testing and applying different rapid prototyping techniques was designed and manufactured. A cable/ pulley mechanism is utilized in the system for transmitting motion from motors into linear motion. Use of a cable/ pulley mechanism overcomes the problems resulting from the utilization of conventional drive systems like ball screws and decreases the overall cost of the system. The carriage elements of both axes were designed and manufactured by using in...
Design and experimental realization of a precision yawsonde device.
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Design and development of an external AV sequential cardiac pacemaker.
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E. Anıl, “Design and implementation of a microcontroller based automatic dispenser.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.